Focus on what’s meaningful

We live in a very special and sometimes hard time. Many things seem to lose its value. One of these things is love. I’m proud to say I’m old fashioned in this field.

  • I believe in true love
  • I believe in long term relationships
  • I believe in soul mates
  • I believe in marriage

For as long as I can remember, I’ve preferred a relationship before something non-serious. To me, just hooking up with random guys or see just one person but not putting any effort into it was time consuming, energy consuming and would make me feel completely empty. Now, I’m not saying I’m a perfect angel or that it’s wrong to have fun. The most important thing in life is to do what’s right for you, of course. But I want to spend my life focusing on what’s truly meaningful.

Romance, real romance, seems to be something we cringe about now a days. A guy is weak if he cries. He is even weaker if he cries because of a woman. To me, this is just a sign that this man has emotions and dares to show that he’s human.

I’m one of these people who are afraid of falling in love. Not because I think it’s a bad thing. I’m just afraid of falling in love with the wrong person and to be hurt. Because I constantly want to be strong, independent and in no need of a man.  But for every year and every love I go through I get braver and braver. Because all I do when I get hurt is learning more about relationships and I what I want from it. I deserve to feel a real deep love and to seek it is nothing wrong. As long as I love myself first.

I want you to dare to love, just like I have to. Dare to commit to a person thinking he or she will be your only one. Dare to work on your problems instead of escaping them. Dare to have lower expectations on your partner, accepting their flaws and love them unconditionally. Dare to be the grand parents that inspire their grand children by sticking together and nourishing your love for 50 years.  And most of all – don’t be ashamed for being a romantic and a believer in love. Those who work and believe will achieve.


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