How do you describe excitement? It’s like you’re a carbonated, fizzy soda. You have butterflies in your belly. You can’t sit still. Your mind is active and produces idea after idea.

That’s how I’m feeling right now!

I’m so excited for what April, May and June have to offer! Q1 has been challenging in different domains of my life but I’ve gotten closer to myself and my why. Here’s some exciting things that will happen (at least the things I know/think will happen!) during Q2;


  • I turn 20 years old!
  • I move to my own place after a few months with a roommate
  • I launch into a new project


  • TEDxIHEParis event (www.tedxiheparis.fr/book-your-tickets/)
  • I might have visits from home


  • I narrow down my work to just business related
  • I plan my travels for the summer
  • I visit/plan to visit family and friends home in Sweden

Overall, this is when Paris will bloom into spring for real. I think I will spend more and more time out on meeting and spontaneous meetups with friends. This blog will grow and develop so much. In conclusion: spring and beginning of summer will be a blessing.

Trees and flowers and blooming already. But the rain has been pouring since yesterday. I need that D vitamin..

How will the next quarter of the year look like for you?☀️


You’ve Got A Choice Today

Good afternoon dear person reading this.

Did you ever think that you actually can choose how to handle a new day every morning? If not, you actually can! You’ve got a choice to do every morning. Either you start the day with no particular goal or aim, or you start it by thinking that today, you’re gonna have the best day ever.

No, you can’t control the day completely, but you can control your mindset. Choose to have a positive view of the day and the day will most likely turn out positive. Choose to smile towards people, and you will most likely get smiles back. Choose to give your best at work and go a step further, and you will most likely have really good results.

Today I choose to do my best at work and all my projects and then take care of myself and my home tonight, completely disconnected from work. I choose a balanced, happy start of the week.

As you can see, I also chose to start the week with a treat – French breakie! Have the best day today! ❤


Happy Easter!

Since it’s Easter and I have been away from my computer for the entire weekend, I thought I would keep today pretty much computer free as well. But I would like to give you a quick update on how last week went before starting a new one;

My energy went up and down during the first part of the week and I tried to work as much as I could and then rest. I had decided to keep my weekend work-free and I managed to do so by focusing on finishing everything during the week. I succeeded with that. However, I could have put more work on the blog. I will give it another try this week.

It feels like Sunday and not a start of a new week. So I’ll write something uplifting for tomorrow morning in order to kick off the week. Meanwhile, I hope you are spending time with loved ones and carrying out your traditions (if you celebrate something today).

This night is for goal-updating, self-empowering and chakra-studying. Happy Easter! x

Yes, my life is about food and drinks. More pictures on Instagram.

The 5 Love Languages

A few years ago, I learned about the five love languages. I did a test to find out what mine were, and it really felt true to me at the time. I took the test again today, a few years later, and it has just changed slightly. First, let’s explain what the love languages are;

gifts    Receiving gifts

This love language is the one where you enjoy receiving gifts and surprises from your partner, like surprise dinners and flowers. Gifts are a sign of love and caring to you.

Quality time                                                                                               qualitytime.jpg

This love language means that you enjoy to have your partner around, either doing casual things at home or going somewhere together. You’re happy with just having them around you and you are both present in the moment.

services    Acts of service

You appreciate when your partner does something for you or helps you out with something. It could be doing the dishes when you’re in a hurry, driving you somewhere or making you breakfast when you’re sick. Actions speak louder than words.

Physical touch                                                                                         touch.jpg

Touching, caressing, kissing and just being close to your partner is important in this love language. The touch can say a million words even if you both are quiet. You like to hug, sleep close and hold hands.

words.jpg     Words of affirmation

You love to hear your partner talking about their feelings for you, when they tell you they’re proud of you or just something they appreciate about you and your relationship.

There are many tests on the internet that will ask you questions in order to rank these five love languages for you, the love language with the highest score is your number one love language and the only with lowest score is not so important to you. Today I did the test at www.5lovelanguages.com. My results were;

  1. Quality time
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Physical touch
  4. Acts of service
  5. Receiving gifts

When I did this test a few years back, the only difference was that physical touch was two and words of affirmation number three. When I think about this, it is quite accurate. To me, all of these are important to me except for gifts as you can’t buy my love ( 😉 ).

A relationship requires quality time, fully dedicated quality time, in my opinion. As I tend to be a workaholic, it’s important for me to set aside time to fully focus on my relationship and 0% work.

Words of affirmation has become more important to me since I have realized how it fuels my feelings to know what I mean to my partner. It’s cheeky and cute to spontaneously say something I’m appreciated for. However, if I don’t fully trust the guy I’m with yet, actions are more important than words. True words of affirmation is all I care about.

Physical touch is still super important to me, as I think it’s like a spiritual way of showing love. A gentle touch can carry so much loving energy, and I do this all the time. I’m a super touchy person and I declare my love through touch and caresses more than actual words.

Acts of service is something that will be more and more important in a long term relationship I believe. Helping each other with everyday chores, helping with studies or any team work you do together can strengthen the bond between you on a deeper level.

Gifts are only important to me on birthdays, Christmas and maybe anniversaries. Of course I appreciate an unexpected gift like a flower or a surprise night out, but material things are less important than your quality time, touch and true feelings.

Do you want to know more about how you show and like to receive love? Do a test or two and let me know your results! ❤


Not long ago I actually joined a TEDx team here in Paris, and have been focusing on content and social media management. Yesterday we revealed our first speaker and released the tickets so this is the perfect time to tell you more about it;

TEDxIHEParis is the only TEDx in Paris where the main language is English. The team is international, the partners, the speakers and the audience as well. The theme is ‘Beyond our limits’ and we’ll have 10 amazing speakers basing their talks on this theme. Yesterday we revealed one of the speakers, André Brugiroux, a man who travelled the world for 50 years! I’m excited to hear his talk about what he has discovered about humanity and just as excited to hear the rest of the talks!

The event kicks off May 21st at Cité des Sciences, Paris and I recommend you to attend if you live in France, nearby or just happen to visit during that week. Tickets are available at http://www.tedxiheparis.fr/get-your-tickets/. Get one before they sell out! It’s gonna be a blast! 🙂

For more information, I suggest you follow us on all our social medias and attend our Facebook event;

I hope to see you there this late spring.

Love and light! x

Back Pain and Evening Sharings

Yesterday and today I’ve had a strange back pain and I’ve done yoga, hot showers and stretches, all to cure it. It’s slightly better after each attempt so hopefully it will be gone soon! I don’t like to feel like I’m 50 years older than I am and not flexible.



As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll try to post more about the careerista life and what it’s like as an expat in Paris the beautiful capital of France. That’s why I thought I’d share some things with you before I go to bed (I’ll soon be exhausted).

First I’d like to say that it worries me to see an increasing level of terror around the world. Not long ago it happened here, just a few kilometers away from me and the feeling was devastating and surreal. And now it has happened in my neighbor country, Belgium. And Turkey has been struck several times lately. And it happens all the time in Syria. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims and their families. Tomorrow I’ll mention something about a project I’m involved in which will include the question “is peace possible?”. Come back tomorrow to see what kind of fun and important I’m participating in!

Bonne nuit x


Tight Schedule

Tuesday already and I haven’t had the chance to update you on last week, so here we go!

1. Name tag at the first TEDx event I attended 2. FOOD 3. I had one really not productive day but I made coffee and apple to get some energy! 4. TEDxArtsEtMetiersParis 5. Good breakfasts all week.

Last week was pretty much just food and work. Sunday was the only day with no work, but for this week I will make the whole weekend more free. And kill it the rest of the week!

Last week’s achievements;

Work in general:

Last week I feel like I got a lot done! My regular job went smoothly and easily.

Freelance business: 

It’s been a successful week for my business and it’s a powerful feeling to make an income to the business account. It’s definitely an achievement as a business owner. And another achievement is that my clients seem happy!

Happy Careerista:

I must confess that I’ve been bad at posting but I’m happy about the posts I did post!


I didn’t have much structure last week, but I feel like I did a whole lot! I managed to mix regular job, meetings about projects, work at home with attending my first TEDx event, seeing friends and important people, cleaning and some time for myself. Actually, last week was hectic with all the things I squeezed into my schedule. But I solved some challenges like finding a new apartment with a sick view over most of Paris sights!

This week I want to;


Have more structure in order to be more efficient and get more spare time for other activities, but still deliver great results in business, projects, regular job and for the blog. For the blog I would like to share more of the life as a careerista in Paris as I think many of you are interested in that 😉


This week I need to be more disciplined with routines and taking care of myself. Yesterday I felt completely exhausted and fell asleep around 10 PM which means I could have gotten up at 6 AM this morning to get lots done. But slept longer and didn’t start working until 12 PM. This week I want to wake up earlier and start working earlier so that I finish most of my work in the first half of the day. Good sleep, good food and more exercise.

This was a bit all over the place, but I promise I’ll try to post more frequently this week. Have a great week, fellow hard workers! x



How to meet new Business Contacts

Lately, I’ve come in contact with new people for collaboration and knowledge exchange. But where did I find them? You can find them if you have an idea of what kind of people you want to meet, believe in that idea and do something to find them! Here are a few useful platforms;




LinkedIn is probably the most known social media platform for professionals and it can be really effective if you use it right. LinkedIn is basically the professional Facebook and you have a profile with a profile picture, a resumé of your work history etc. What’s important when you want to be a pro user is to;

  • Have a good and professional profile picture
  • Include the most important parts of your employment/projects history
  • Add as many skills as possible, the most important first
  • Make sure you have some kind of contact information on your profile in case of business inquiries
  • Become a member of group related to your profession or in sectors where you’d like to get in, and NETWORK reguarly!
  • Add your business contacts and friends
  • Et voilá you’ll have new business contacts that see everything you share and all your new projects




Facebook is not necessarily only for reading Buzzfeed articles and keeping up with all your friends and family, but can also be a place where you can network. There are tons of Facebook groups that are active every day with members from all over the world. If you are in the fashion industry, why not search for “Fashion Entrepreneurs” or “New Fashion Brands”. Play around with the words and once you’re in a good group, make sure you’re noticed by posting, liking and commenting! Another tip is to have your business/profession visible on your profile.




This is a Danish startup that I can across over a year ago. I honestly don’t know how active it is, but why not try it out! This site is for entrepreneurs and professionals who travel and would like to meet up with like-minded around the world. If you’re making a trip to Berlin, you can search for professionals in Berlin who you could schedule a coffee idea exchanging with. How awesome isn’t that?




I’ve met soo many of my professional friends through this platform, so I can say from my own experience that it’s good for networking! You simply find people by searching for keywords. If you work with retail, search for ‘retail’ in order to find more people like you! Try giving them a follow, bunch of likes, comments and a DM presenting yourself and you might be met by the same curiosity and interest.





This is the Tinder for professionals, partly based here in Paris! My friend showed it to me recently so I downloaded it yesterday to try it out. You fill in a bio presenting yourself and then you get a selection of people nearby who you can swipe right or left whether they seem interesting or not. It’s a quicker way to network daily or when you feel like it by simply look at a few profiles a day. Why not try it out and start swiping opportunities for you?


Almost all this platforms (soon Shapr as well, I’m sure!) have brought me friends, business contacts, business partners and clients. Use social media wisely and good luck with your networking.

Appreciate and Respect the Small Things


We often have high expectations on everything; ourselves, our job, our kids, our partners. Please, take a break and appreciate the small but meaningful things in your life. Let us take a look at two perspectives; love and work.


Appreciation, respect and display of affection are some of the key things in a relationship to me. Maybe I’m not the best at this myself, but I strive to always appreciate, respect and show affection to my partner. This also meaning, appreciating the small but meaningful things they do for me. Does your partner often cook you dinner? Does he or she make sure you never go hungry? Do they randomly caress you during the day? Do they drive a long way to see you for a couple hours? Do they offer you help with every day chores? Do they send you a message to remind you that you’re in their thoughts? Appreciate that! What keeps you together will in the end this, and not expensive gifts and dinners out.

small things


At work it’s more about respecting the small but meaningful things. I have myself taken these details for granted sometimes and that’s why I recommend you not to. An employer loves an employee who respects being on time, being prepared, looking proper, being polite, being willing to co-operate, double checking, giving constructive critique and simply  firing off a smile now and then. It doesn’t always help to be ultra talented but to always be late, coming to the office in your PJ’s and being rude.

Maybe you know this already, or maybe you needed this reminder. Why not tell someone today that you appreciate the small but meaningful things they do for you?