Current Routines

I thought I’d share my current morning/evening routines with you;

Morning Routine

  1. The first thing I do when the alarm goes off, is to open my curtains to force myself to take in some sun light. Then I take a few minutes to think about three things I’m grateful for and then I visualize quickly about my next goal in different aspects in life.
  2.  When I’m done I sit up and take my phone off airplane mode and wake up by checking the notifications.
  3. I put on my gym wear and do a run or/and a work out to get the blood pumping.
  4. I calm down by stretching and doing a meditation for a few minutes. I usually put on a meditation video to just relax and follow the instructions.
  5. Now I’m awake, but relaxed and positive about the day so I jump in the shower and get dressed.
  6. I sit in bed or in the living room for 30 minutes with a book.
  7. Then, I make breakfast and while eating it, I plan my day and review my goals.
  8. Ready for the day!

Evening Routine

  1. I take some time to review the day. Did it go as planned, what should I get better at tomorrow, any specific ideas or thoughts came up?
  2. Then I go do my ‘beauty rituals’. Shower, body lotion, fix my nails etc.
  3. Again, I read my book for 30 minutes in bed.
  4. I put on a meditation video for relaxation and meditate.
  5. I’m usually very sleepy at this point, so I put my phone on airplane mode and sleep.

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