Who Says I Can’t – Jothy Rosenberg | TEDxIHEParis

Good afternoon!

I’ve been so busy with extra work, cleaning, packing and preparing for Stockholm, that I’ve barely felt any flow while writing. I write a little bit every day for you but I don’t have a full post I’m completely happy with. And honestly, I think my next post will be out this weekend. Until then I thought I would share the talks from TEDxIHEParis from last month. They are finally online! Here’s one of my favorites. What do you think? Feel free to comment 🙂



Two Weeks Left

Oh the time flies!

I only have two more weeks in Paris. Suddenly I have to book meetings with all my friends here in order to properly say goodbye. And I have to hurry up doing some things I still have on my list!

This weekend I ticked off a few though; I went inside and up in the tower of Sacré Coeur. I’ve spent many evenings on the stairs, talking about life with friends but I’ve never actually entered it. It’s such a unique and beautiful building. I actually like it more than the Eiffel Tower. Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, I finally went up there too and all the way to the top! That is of course a must do when you’re in Paris. I also took a ride on the Seine. It was a lovely weather, thankfully. I did it all with one of my closest friends visiting from Sweden which was so much fun. We also catched up over some cheese fondue and drinks in the buzzing Marais. Nights like this is one of many reasons I love this city!

These last two weeks will be a puzzle. I have to continue working but also squeeze in all my friends + get ready to move home. Hectic! But I will manage. If I post shorter or fewer blog posts it’s because of this. Hope you understand!





How am I a Careerista?

How am I a Careerista-.jpg

A question I can imagine many of you have is; “how are you a careerista?” or “I don’t see a lot of career related content?”.

Perfectly understandable. Let me clearify.

At the moment I have a regular daily job which is not aligned with my career goals really, but more because I have to work to pay my bills. On the side I have my freelance business where I write, translate and help with social media management or customer service. And then I have this blog which is not a business… yet. I have big plans for this brand 😉

I work around 10 hours in total with the freelance business and this blog. Right now these are the only career related things I focus on. For the next coming weeks I will unfortunatly write mostly about my philosophies and my stay in Paris. When back in Stockholm, I will probably gradually write more about my career as I plan to work with something closer to my career goals. Right now my life is not the most exciting to take pictures of and show you. As you might have seen, I work from home with my business and that’s basically it. I try to share some photos of the fun things I do in Paris though!

So if you come here mainly because of interest in business, success and career – I’m sorry but the blog will lack this type of content for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

I hope you gain something from my other topics!


Gypsy Life ♡


I am a lover of my home country, Sweden. I love my city, Stockholm. This will always be my true home. But I’m also an exploring soul. I want to not only travel, but to move around a lot in my twenties. When I was 19 and was planning my little adventure Paris, I also thought of other places I wanted to live in. I thought; “why not spend the next few years moving around to countries I want to try the life in?”. I still agree on that idea. My life in Paris is coming to an end and I’ll move home to Stockholm. But only for a few months. Then I want to continue to the UK. And then…

Los Angeles, New York, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and maybe even Japan and Singapore. Without chronological order.

I identify so much with Lady Gaga’s song “Gypsy”. I want to move around, explore cultures and traditions, learn languages, connect with people all over the world. I’ve always been a curious person and a sucker for experiences. Right now I’m free. Right now I’m alone. I don’t want to be alone forever, but I can be right now. I can travel around by myself until I find someone who wants to come along. I want to move around until I choose to settle down somewhere in the world to build a family.

I’ve always felt like my path was unlike many others’. I don’t want to be locked in a university for 3-5 years. I want life to be my university. Does anyone feel me?



Instagram Pages to Follow ~ Motivation & Inspiration

Instagram Pages to Follow

There are thousands of quote pages on Instagram now a days. Honestly, most of them looks pretty much the same and I don’t feel as drawn to them anymore. But there are three that really stand out to me. They have a certain depth and long inspiring captions. These three are really worth a follow;

And of course I’d like to give some of my friends a shout out; dysadvantagethebusinessquotes and youngresponsibleone ❤


Update from the Home Office


Tonight I’m isolating myself (and will do so for half of the week) to work as much as possible with my businesses, the blog and on myself🙏🏼 Because SOON, two Swedish friends will visit me and I can’t wait!😬👏🏼 So I’ll stay here in front of my computer, with a coffee (will switch to tea closer to bed time) and some Algerian sweets I’ve received from a very nice Algerian family. And I’ll try update myself on how the match between Ireland and Sweden is going. (Allez les bleus-jaunes!🇸🇪).

Ok enough! A new blog post tomorrow, promise x



Messy Mind

Messy Mind.jpg

Sometimes we feel like our minds are working so much it’s too much. Thinking becomes overthinking. Our mind is a mess. The thoughts and the emotions makes it hard to focus on our daily tasks, hard to focus on what people are saying to us, hard to relax and to see things clearly. We have all been there.

What can we do towards overthinking? How do we make it stop? By letting it out. I’ve been a master of keeping my thoughts and emotions inside my head. It gets crowdy in there. The older I get, the better I get at sharing and letting these thoughts out. Most of these things are things you can’t control. This is so important to remember.

Let the thoughts out by;

– Talking to someone who is related to what you’re overthinking about. Your parent, your friend, partner etc. It’s a scary thing to do. But it will take you forward and you won’t feel stuck and anxious anymore. Sometimes letting your feelings out can break relationships because you’re not met with understanding or forgiveness. If that is the case, you can only accept and try your best to move on.

– Finding someone who is willing to listen to you expressing how you feel. Let this person take everything in and give you their input. It will probably make you see it from another perspective and calm you down a lot. It can be your best friend or a professional like a therapist. Don’t be ashamed to speak to someone who’s educatated to listen!

– Writing down every thought and emotion. If you wish you could express yourself to someone but for some reason can’t, write a letter to them. You don’t have to send it. It’s simply for letting your thoughts out. If your thoughts are not related to a person, writing can still be very helpful. Write everything down as properly as you can and put your note somewhere where you can’t see it. When you’re in a relaxed state or just in a good mood, take out your note and read with “new eyes” and a clear mind. Maybe you can now find the best advice for yourself. Remember that the truth is always within you.

I hope this was helpful. I’ve been experiencing a messy mind lately and I try to clear it as much as I can. I use all of these methods and it helps a bunch.

Good luck❤️


Methods for Visualizing your Goals

Methods for Visualizing your.jpg

I know I keep preaching about visualization. And you know what? I’m not gonna stop!

Today I want to help you out there who wants to start visualizing but can’t find a good method. We are all different. Some find it really easy to just sit down, cross their legs and disappear into their vision as if they are already living it. I’m one of them and I’m really grateful for this ability. I’ve always been a dreamer and this helps me visualize my goals for the future now that I’m an adult. But this is not easy for everyone. Some will feel distracted by other thoughts and can’t really sit still. Then there are some other methods to try out;

See your vision with a vision board

Pictures say more than a thousand words, right? If you’re one of those who can feel all these words by just looking at a picture, a vision board might be the best way for you to visualize. Just find the images that symbolize your goals and put them up on your board. The board should be hanging on a place you pass every day so that you always can see your vision.


Hear your vision by reading it out

Reading things out loud can have a huge impact on you. Why don’t you write down your vision on a peace of paper or on a note on your phone or computer. When it’s time to visualize, you make sure you’re in a quite space, focus fully on the text and read it out loud to yourself. By reading you will always see it in your mind. Clever, right?

Paint up your vision by writing

If you love writing and you have no problem spending a few minutes doing so, you could always write. Either you write your goals simple and precise or you paint up a scenario of when you achieve that goal. A tip could be to get a notebook just for writing about your vision.

If you want to be go all hard core on visualizing, you could do them all! I do them all depending on which state I’m in. If I’m not calm enough to just sit down and visualize in my head, writing could be better. Sometimes I read my vision out loud instead or look at my vision board. It’s all about finding what works for you.


Happy visualizing!



Becoming Who I Want To Be – The First Month

Becoming Who I Want To Be (1).jpg

One month ago I started a project. A project to go from being lost and unmotivated, to get back to joyful me and from there become the ideal me. On the 16th of May I wrote down my feelings and my goals for the next coming month of this project in a blog post. You can read it here. Now it’s been a month and it’s time to share my progress, thoughts and reflections of my journey. The challenge is to not make this too long. Here we go;

How I felt one month ago

I felt lost. I felt small in a giant world. I felt like I had the answer deep down in me and that my soul was calling for reunion. But I felt like I was on a roller coaster. It was up and down. I felt anxiety and peace. The soul and the ego were fighting over me. I felt lonely, unmotivated, uninspired, unloved, miserabel. I felt like I was far away from family and true friends. I felt like I was on the wrong path in my career. I was stuck.

How I feel now

I feel sooo much more like my old happy self. I feel the joy and love for life again. I’m motivated and excited to work on myself and become my ideal me in a few months. I work every day towards her. It’s still not perfect though. I sleep at the wrong hours and sometimes I’d rather watch Youtube videos that to write. But I’m definitely feeling more peaceful within. I wake up feeling happy and I go to bed with a smile.

What have I done this month?

Week 1 – During the first week I wrote down who the ideal me is and what her habits are. I had weekly goals that were pretty high. But I was still so down. I was so unproductive. I didn’t even achieve half of the goals for the week since I was so unmotivated and lost. I felt emotional pain and anxiety. I cried at some point every day of the week. It was like I knew what I had to do but it was so hard. I felt stuck. That weekend someone told me I had to get a break and took me to Normandie in west of France. I still felt so much in my head, but the nature, the ocean and the feeling of summer made me feel better and more peaceful. I knew in my heart that I was going in the right direction. But it was tough.

Week 2 – The week started in a good mood after the trip. I felt reloaded with energy. I still had quite high goals on myself. I planned many friend dates – girl nights in, clubbing, dinners etc. I felt ok, but it was still a bit of a roller coaster. I could feel happy and then much less happy after an hour. I wasn’t productive enough to achieve my weekly goals and I realized that I needed more time for myself next week.

Week 3 – I planned to have more me-time this week but because of various reasons, I couldn’t be by myself as much as I had hoped to. The first two days of the week I still felt this ball of anxiety in my stomach. I felt helpless. I woke up every morning feeling empty. On the Tuesday I thought about one of my options and thought about it seriously for a while. The same afternoon, I discussed this with my mother and the more we talked about it, the more it felt right. I made a decision – to go home in July. I understood that Paris can’t give me what I need right now. Stockholm can. Ones I made the decision, I felt liberated. I felt less anxious. The old me was slowly coming back. I slowly became more joyful. I started to visualize the rest of my year; one month of just breathing, reading, family time and meeting up with all my friends. Then update my CV and LinkedIn profile to go all in for my career and find a job that I felt passionate about. I would work there for about a half year and then pack my bags again to go to my next destination. Oh it sounded perfect! And actually, deciding to go home made my love for Paris flourish. I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could.

This week I also became kinder towards myself. My weekly goals were low and focused mainly on taking care of myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I felt like my foundation needed nourishment before building career and relationships. That Saturday we also had the TEDx event and I felt so alive working with the team and in the TEDx spirit. These are the types of things and the types of people I want to work with full time!

Week 4 – I finally started to feel more balanced between me-time and social life. I focused on me the first half of the week and then planned fun stuff for the second half. I felt like I got much more time with myself and that was very needed. I slept better (but the wrong hours; 3 am to 11 pm), meditated more and got more exercise going. I fell in love with Pilates and did several sessions. I was very satisfied with myself – I was being much more productive. I could separate the voice of my soul from the voice of my ego. Instead of feeling lonely, I loved me-time. I even reduced my usage of Facebook and spent that time on rewriting my vision, creating a “meditation spot” and writing. The only negative aspects were my crazy sleeping hours, my unbalanced diet (sometimes no breakfast, not much protein, not much vegetables and fruits) and that every day, the first one or two hours I would feel a bit down. But it would turn as my positivity kicked in and I would feel really good for the rest of the day. But I think clearer. I know what I want and what I need. I feel like myself again. I’m excited.

Week 5 – This week I’m still not getting up as early as I would like to because I fall asleep so late. But I am seeing more consistency in other habits! I’m eating more balanced. I am drinking many more glasses of water every day. I work out 3-4 times a week. I subconsciously take up my notebook and read through my weekly and daily goals several times a day. Even my mental habits are healthier (not judging, hating, more understanding etc.)! I’m also craving work. So this week I started to slowly do some more work and I even got a new client. I’m balanced between me-time, work and social life. I’m excited about going home to Sweden but I’m also excited to see and experience as much as I can of Paris ❤

Did I reach my goals?

In the previous post about this journey I had a few goals for the coming month.

  • Improved some of my habits, at least one should be consistent
    • ✓ At least two are very consistent; weekly/daily goals and my water intake.
  • See a change in myself, physically, mentally and spiritually
    • ✓ I’m already seeing results from the Pilates, I’m having a more loving and understanding thinking and I’m feeling closer to my soul.
  • Improved in achieving my weekly goals
    • ✓ I went from achieving less than half to achieving at least two thirds!
  • Improved my time management
    • ✓ My time management is definitely better; Mon – Fri me-time and work, Fri-Sun friends and fun stuff!
  • Improved my social life
    • ✓ I’ve seen a lot of friends and strengthened my relationships over the last few weeks. I’m just sad over leaving them! 😦
  • Gotten closer to my career goals
    • ✓ Yes, slightly closer as I have focused more on my well-being than my career this month, but the Happy Careerista brand is getting stronger and I did get some work done (and a new client) for my freelance biz.
  • Feel happier than I did this month – wake up with happiness, gratitude and love in me
    • ✓ 100% happier and feeling so much more like myself again!

So I nailed all the goals! Woo!

Next month I want to

  • Have two more habits consistent (consistent sleeping schedule should be one of them)
  • Feel even more evolved physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Have seen as much as I can of Paris (been up in the Eiffel Tower, exhibitions, been inside Sacré Coeur, gone Versailles etc.)
  • Have an idea of what I want to do when I get home and have some sort of plan
  • Make Happy Careerista even stronger!
  • Happily fly home to Stockholm ❤

If you managed to get through the whole text – thank you for coming by! Another update will be coming July 4th. Meanwhile;


Preparing for Paris – An Instagram Journey


You might notice that I was up at almost 4 am in the morning. Yes I was. I was sleepy but couldn’t fall asleep anyway. Then I got the fantastic idea to check when I posted my first Instagram picture on HappyCareerista. 21st of May, 2013 (Exactly 3 years before TEDxIHEParis!). I started looking through my pictures and then got to the first picture where I mentioned my plan of moving to Paris. I decided to go here when I was in London for New Years and I planned to go after graduating high school. I really got obsessed with this goal of mine. That’s probably why I also achieved it. Here are some screenshots proving my obsession from the first mention of Paris to a few days after getting here. Enjoy 😂

The first time I mentioned my new dream was in January last year. This is when I started research for real.

I had already started watching videos learning some French since I didn’t know much at all! Then I downloaded apps, found really good Youtube channels and studied for about 30 minutes a day. I really tried to be consistent and learned really fast!

Commuting was one of the best opportunities to visualize about this city in the South.

And at some point this happened. Not stereotypical at all! But that party was fun and except for when everyone tried to eat my baguette…

Ask and you shall receive. During my 8 months in Paris, I’ve lived in 5 (!) different places and Montmartre was one of them!

Paris. Paris everywhere!

These are still places I want to live in. I can also add California, Australia and the Netherlands. I will probably add more countries and cities like Japan in the future.#ExploreTheWorld

I didn’t have much money or knowledge of French or even of living on my own! But I made it.

Always counted the days.

Even tried to celebrate the national day all the way from Stockholm.

Did I mentioned that I was obsessed with this idea?

I don’t think I realized what I was going to do until it got this close. I had worked so hard to save up money. And finally the plane ticket and the apartment were booked and it all got very real.

And finally the goodbye dinner with friends came and I would two days later take my bags and go to France for the first time and all by myself. One of the scariest and most exciting things I’ve done so far.

Et voila! A dream came true in 10 months ❤ Nothing is impossible!