What do I do?

I’m a girl with a list of ideas and interest in so many fields, but right now I’m starting with one of the things I love the most; writing.

Happy Careerista (1).jpg

Happy Careerista

I’m currently running this blog with a great vision of what Happy Careerista can develop into. I post weekly about business, happiness, spirituality, love etc. Right now the content will have to speak for itself, but I have plans for a more alive design and more features. Stay tuned!


I’m also starting out as a freelance writer, translator and social media marketer. I’ve done a few missions and I’m progressing in skills. What I’ve done so far is Swedish/English translations and social media strategies for smaller companies.


Besides these I’m planning to get a part time job aligned with an area I want to develop in. I try to share information on how my own projects are moving forward on the blog at least once a month.

If you need my help or have any other business inquiries, please find my contact details in the ‘contact’ section.


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