How am I a Careerista?

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A question I can imagine many of you have is; “how are you a careerista?” or “I don’t see a lot of career related content?”.

Perfectly understandable. Let me clearify.

At the moment I have a regular daily job which is not aligned with my career goals really, but more because I have to work to pay my bills. On the side I have my freelance business where I write, translate and help with social media management or customer service. And then I have this blog which is not a business… yet. I have big plans for this brand 😉

I work around 10 hours in total with the freelance business and this blog. Right now these are the only career related things I focus on. For the next coming weeks I will unfortunatly write mostly about my philosophies and my stay in Paris. When back in Stockholm, I will probably gradually write more about my career as I plan to work with something closer to my career goals. Right now my life is not the most exciting to take pictures of and show you. As you might have seen, I work from home with my business and that’s basically it. I try to share some photos of the fun things I do in Paris though!

So if you come here mainly because of interest in business, success and career – I’m sorry but the blog will lack this type of content for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

I hope you gain something from my other topics!




Guess what? I’m back on Instagram after a whole month of absence!

Both my Instagram and Twitter have gotten a new name ~Happy Careerista~ to be more in harmony with this blog. I’m moving the focus from me to the content I want to share such as personal development, spirituality and happiness. I will of course still sprinkle some updates about my own life and career on these pages.

If you don’t follow me yet, go ahead!



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Starting the Week on a Positive Note

Good morning!

It’s just past 9 am and I’m soon off to work. But, I’m excited because a new week is always like a fresh beginning. I did not get 8 hours of sleep because I kept doing more and more things before bed. I prepared for today’s morning meeting, studied French, then sales, then I worked a tiny bit on my two projects, created excel-files for my tracking of food, sleep, exercise and reading. Speaking of reading, I did some of that too before I finally switched off the lamp and slept like a baby. But I dont regret it! I would have if I had spent the last two hours before bed watching weird videos on Youtube that don’t provide me much knowledge… Although it’s fun to watch sometimes, I admit!

Anyway, I’m off to a good start of this day and week and I determined to keep it like this! It’s going to be extra ordinary in fact! Improvements on every area, no matter how small, it’s going to be meaningful. I will stop rambling and get down to business.

I wish you all the best week, finding creativity and productivity deep within you ❤

Be more positive – more success

I read a good article at and would like to share it with you. This article is basically staying that some steps to become a more positive person is to;

  • Express gratitude
  • Be a giver
  • Control your breath
  • Visualize success
  • Meditate

I’m a pretty positive person but I can always become better and spreading it around me. I would like to say I try to be thankful (and tell people I am), give and visualize. I could definitely get better at controlling my breath and meditating. What do you have to become better at? Have you nailed all five already?

Read the article here:


Tumblr for Visualizing?

Time is something most of us are lacking. Especially when there’s so much you want to squeeze into your schedule. Meditation, gym, visualization, reading, documenting etc etc. I, myself, have realized how hard it can be to keep this up. So instead of going from 0 to 100, I could make these tasks a little easier and faster. Then when they are actual habits, I can let every task take longer and longer time.

First of – visualization. If you have followed me for a while, you must know I love visualization. I prefer writing as much as I can about my vision for different aspects of life, and preferably every week. Then I should look at what I’ve written every day. Of course, I fail to do this every week and every day. So I came up with a fun way to really establish the habit of visualizing every day – Tumblr.

I love Tumblr and could easily waste 30 minutes of my day just scrolling through inspirational images under different topics. So why not create a new, private Tumblr-page where I repost pictures that symbolize my vision? I do have a visionboard I create, but I can’t just search for pictures and the board has a limited space. With Tumblr I can just continue filling it in.

I just created the page and I’m so exited about using it. This way, it will be easier to just do some Tumblr in bed before sleep, and maybe even every morning. If you love Tumblr or Pinterest, you should try this too. If not, how would you optimize your visualization?

To be continued!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Worrying. We all do this. It’s normal, it’s human. But how much should we worry? Because somethings are out of our control and are better to just let go.

I’ve just found myself worrying a lot for a few days. The worries come and go, and it’s about all kinds of things. But thanks to the mindset that I’ve built up for years, a voice in my head said finally said ‘stop worrying and turn it into excitement!’. Let go of them, especially the unnecessary ones. The problems that probably only exists in my head.

If you’re feeling like I did, start with writing down all the good parts of your current life. Every positive aspect of it. And then you write and think about the future, in a positive and exciting way. Instead of worrying that your partner is getting tired of you, think about how you and him/her will have so much fun. Instead of worrying about not having money enough to do all the things you want to do this year, think about ways to accomplish them.  It’s all about attitude. Have you ever noticed how you seem to be on a roll when you’re in a really good mood? And since things just fall into place, you get even happier. It’s a positive circle. If you’re not there right now, like I realized I wasn’t, then find your way back!

HAPPY 2016!

Kill Your Darlings

Another rather late Parisian night. A cup of infusion tea and some overall visualization.

I’m the kind of person who wants to do everything all at once. It doesn’t always work. That’s why I need to limit some things, while doing more of another. Now when I’m working more, I have less time with the important people in life. As soon as I’m free, I plan things with them. That’s why I can’t update the blog every day. Writing a really good and thought out blog post takes time and effort. I’ve decided to try post every other day at least to keep it alive but still be able to focus on work and such.

Thank you for your understanding. Look forward to hear what you think of my future content!

x AE ❤

A fully booked Thursday

It’s already Thursday, guys. Where did half of the week go?

Anyway, I have a pretty fully booked day ahead of me. First I’m off to do some some simple shopping and to get some information about what documents I have to bring to get a French number. Then I’ll head home again to do a few hours of work regarding freelance writing. When my roommate’s done at work I’ll met her and a few other friends close to the Effiel Tower to have a chat and a drink. A very nice, and Parisian way to end the day.

Now I’m going to finish my tea, take a quick look at my vision boards and get ready for shopping. Which means comfortable clothes and sneakers. Dressed classy as a Parisian woman, what is that?

x AE ❤

What’s Really Meaningful – My Message


Sometimes I tend to use images of luxurious things such as BMWs, suits, jewelry and so on. Mindset, business and personal development have a strong connection to luxury. Because if you want to build a thriving business, you need to adjust your mindset unless you already have it and when you have your thriving business you might want to treat yourself with luxurious things. This is why most motivation accounts on Instagram post their quotes on images symbolizing a ‘successful life’. I see nothing wrong with that. But I want to point out something important about my vision, mission and message;

My vision for my Instagram account is to post vibrant posts that can inspire dreamers. Whether you’re a man, woman or anther gender. Whether you’re into business or art. What my mission is, is to reach ambitious people with a wild passion for something. I want to be a part of their journeys, I want to be a support and a friend. I share my thoughts on personal development which can be implemented into the life of anyone. It doesn’t matter what you want to succeed in. I might write a lot about entrepreneurship, but that’s because it’s my passion. I love following people with other kinds of passions as well, like fitness, art, engineering or music. Passion is what fascinates me.

Underneath all the luxury, the core consists of real love for passion and dreams. So don’t take me for just another greedy entrepreneur. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur who puts the soul before the ego and love before money. Compassion is what’s really meaningful to me.

AE ❤