5 Minute Make Up

Do you want to get as much sleep as possible, have a long tasty breakfast while planning your day¬†and have make up on fleek? Trust me, I love when I nail all this in the morning, but some mornings are stressful and I don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror for 45 minutes. It became almost a pattern to sleep long in the morning, get dressed, pack my bag, have a quick breakfast and then go to work without brushing my hair or doing any make up. You don’t have to wear make up to work, but sometimes it’s fun to have a nice make up look along with your outfit or just simply to look awake. I decided to find a five minute make up routine for these mornings. Here are some examples from famous beauty gurus;

And for how I do it;

I divide every step into four steps; face, eyebrows, eyes and hair. I give the face just one minute quickly applying concealer, foundation (optional), powder and bronzer. Quick quick quick! For me, the eyebrows and my eyeliner is what takes time so I give them 1,5 minute to 2 minutes each. I start with filling in the brows with a brow powder and clean the edges with a concealer if needed. I then take my liquid eyeliner and draw thin lines and carefully build it up. I have no time for something dramatic and I definitely don’t have time to clean it up if it’s too much. When I have small but pretty wings, I curl my lashes quickly and coat them with some mascara. If five minutes has gone I can still brush my hair for a few seconds or just do that step on the metro to work. Done!




It’s 12.50 PM over here in La France, and I’m just starting my day for real. I’m kicking off this weekend of work a bit later than preferred, but most importantly I’m doing it! I’m having a glass of water to get my body up and running, then I will visualize and write a to-do list for these two days. Just wanted to wish you all an awesome weekend and remind you to pay attention to changes in the blog over the weekend… ūüėČ

Much love x


Update – My Projects

If you have been following me for a while, you deserve an update.

I have currently been employed for two months and pretty focused on that during the days. But I have also slowly but surely worked on a few ideas of mine. I’m now trying to put even more work into my projects because in the end, I want them to be my full time job.

Project 1 – known as P1 earlier on this blog

  • Industry: Education with focus on travelling and language
  • When: November 2016
  • Status:¬†I’m currently in the stage where I’m writing the business plan, doing research and market analysis
  • Size of team: Currently just me

Project 2 – known as P2 earlier on this blog

  • Industry: Education with focus on self improvement
  • When: Not decided yet
  • Status: Writing the business plan
  • Size of team: two

Project 3 – new to this blog!

  • Industry: Writing and online marketing
  • When: Soon, probably March/April
  • Status: Writing the business plan and building the website
  • Size of team: Just me

Project 4 –¬†This blog, for instance

  • Industry: Self improvement, business, success, social media
  • When: Currently active
  • Status: Improving the content of the posts, marketing of the blog, improvements on design and the Instagram
  • Size of team: Just me

It may seem as not much has changed, but my ideas have been refined and the development of them will now take off. They are also quite a few, so I won’t have them all done at the same time. I’m excited to start project 3 soon though! What projects do you have in the making?


Am I Crazy?

I’m an amateur. I have no master nor bachelor’s degree. Still I want to able to succeed without this. Does that mean I’m crazy?

Yes, I would be crazy to say I want to be become a heart surgeon without a proper education. However, I do believe you can learn business related things yourself. It’s not just reading a book though. You have to step out in the real world and try, fail, try again, fail, try again and succeed.¬†I¬†have to step out too.

After working with sales and service several times, I know a few things about this area. I’m also currently learning about recruitment and how to establish a business in another country through my job. In addition, I’m trying to improve my writing and graphic design skills. I’m very much a beginner. But, hey, I’m 19. If I keep up this phase, just imagine where I could be at 25! Where¬†you could be. And I believe Richard Branson said he had no idea how to run a business when he started his first. Just look at him now.

So. You’re not crazy. You’re just in a constant learning process and you improve more and more every day. Keep it up and you’ll be fine.

The Power of a Mastermind

Search ‘mastermind group definition’ and get this;

“Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” “


I’ve been part of a mastermind group for a half year now, and I’ve evolved so much in my thinking surrounding business and success. Whenever I have an issue, thoughts I need to get out or just pure excitement, they are there for me. And I for them.

The power of a mastermind group is just like the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people; you are like a sponge, absorbing all of that creative, positive energy. You are smiling. You feel peaceful. You feel energetic.

Reconnecting with people who think like you, every day, will keep you focused on your goal. They will inspire you, advice you,¬†push you. If you’re in a bad environment with negative family members, colleagues or friends, a mastermind group would help you loads. I promise. If you don’t already have your team, go out and find them! I found mine on – of course – the internet. The internet has billions of users from all around the world and there is no doubt you’ll find yours here. Look for them through Google Search, Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn etc.¬†Please let me know how you found yours or if you found any after reading this!

A special thank you to my mastermind group and mates for life; Kyle, Paniz and Filip. You’re wonderful people and great entrepreneurs. I look forward to see you all succeed even more.¬†Check out their Instagrams and webpages;

http://www.instagram.com/thebusinessquotes –¬†www.thebusinessquotes.com

http://www.instagram.com/youngresponsibleone –¬†www.younghustlerssociety.com

http://www.instagram.com/dysadvantage – website coming soon!




Lifestyle Influencers

The dog, the house, the hair, the relationship, the career. Most of us have people we adore, and things about their lives that we adore. We can call them ‘Lifestyle Influencers’. We might or might not be jealous of them per say, but we are mainly inspired by them and their lives. Here are some of mine;

Jenn Im


This fashionista is such a happy, positive person and her clothes, squad of friends and relationship inspire me to build a closet that I love, find those true friends and to make my relationship the best it can be.

Michelle Phan


A girl who started as a dreamer and creative soul on Youtube, and has now built a business she can live off. She is a creative artist, business woman and explorer, so down to Earth and spiritual. Her whole view on life is goals. Do I have to mention her cute long term relationship?

Isabella Löwengrip

isabella löwengrip

My all time favorite blogger from my country, Sweden. She started out young, have started 10 businesses, written four books, gotten married and had two children. She recently bought a house really close to my home in Sweden. Oh, and she’s 25…

Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman


These guys are successful and all that, but I mainly love them because they are such a inspiration when it comes to love and commitment. They have stayed together for almost a decade and recently got married. They always seem to be so happy and goofy and this is something I would love to achieve. Can they have babies soon!?

Lady Gaga


This, everybody, is my queen. Since the age of 12 she has been an inspiration to me, in creativity and self love. I do believe she’s one of the reasons I am pretty confident in myself and her music always seem to strengthen me. Especially the Born This Way album. I can’t wait for LG5 to arrive this year, iiih!

Carli Bybel 


The girl with the always f l a w l e s s makeup. She has become a lifestyle influencer to me since she has made her passion her income and is an expert in her field. She is also a dead gorgeous brunette!

All of these people have a lot in common; their careers are successful, they are all happy, they are all in happy relationships, they are all young and all very creative. Why is it so? Take a look at your Lifestyle Influensers and find the key points that has brought them the life they have now. If they can, you can! ‚̧

15 Things To Tell 15-Year-Old Me

  1. You’re young and this is only the beginning of an amazing journey. Sit back and relax, don’t worry!
  2. Time flies and you learn every day. By next year, you’ll be 100% more confident!
  3. It’s not so common now a days to find the love of your life at the age of 15. You’ll meet wonderful boys and heart breakers – and they will all teach you something about yourself, love and relationships.
  4. There is no need to grow up NOW. Enjoy the teenage years, because they are limited edition!
  5. Going through 9th grade is worth it – high school will be amazing, so keep studying as hard as you do!
  6. Friends can let you down, but since you’re so young they won’t be the only friends you’ll ever have. You will meet so many new wonderful ones.
  7. Maybe you don’t wear make up every day, date boys or party every weekend – but you’ll see it wasn’t necessary for you at that point.
  8. You will soon stumble across a book that will change your life forever.
  9. Having rich kids around you might effect you a little, but please, keep your feet on the ground and appreciate what you have.
  10. You might not have a normal family like everyone else seem to have but believe that one day you’ll have a big beautiful one that you created yourself.
  11. You might feel limited in your freedom with money, not being allowed to stay out for long, not being able to buy all that you want. But that will change and you’ll see that at 15, it wouldn’t matter. Having money at 18 is much more worth.
  12. And that dream school of yours? You’ll get in baby!
  13. You won’t have to graduate elementary school with fake friends – instead you’ll go on 3 week vacation to an Asian paradise where you have roots.
  14. And when you get back you will stumble across that book, gain so much more happiness and confidence – that you attract some new friends, boys and possibilities.
  15. 15 was a challenging age, but you’ll see that it lead you to the exciting 16, the awesome 17, the fun 18, the free 19 and soon the unknown 20.

Keep it up girl ‚̧

Starting the Week on a Positive Note

Good morning!

It’s just past 9 am and I’m soon off to work. But, I’m excited because a new week is always like a fresh beginning. I did not get 8 hours of sleep because I kept doing more and more things before bed. I prepared for today’s morning meeting, studied French, then sales, then I worked a tiny bit on my two projects, created excel-files for my tracking of food, sleep, exercise and reading. Speaking of reading, I did some of that too before I finally switched off the lamp and slept like a baby. But I dont regret it! I would have if I had spent the last two hours before bed watching weird videos on Youtube that don’t provide me much knowledge… Although it’s fun to watch sometimes, I admit!

Anyway, I’m off to a good start of this day and week and I determined to keep it like this! It’s going to be extra ordinary in fact! Improvements on every area, no matter how small, it’s going to be meaningful. I will stop rambling and get down to business.

I wish you all the best week, finding creativity and productivity deep within you ‚̧

Healthy Habits #1

People with a success mindset never seems to stop wanting to develop, right? I find myself constantly wanting to improve my routines and habits. I turn 20 this year and if I really make some things a habit this year, I’m pretty sure my future is going to be somewhat bright! I would like to share this with you and maybe get to know more about your journeys as well.

Healthy Habit #1:

So let’s get down to the basics. Food. Nutrition. This is certainly nothing new. Every successful person talks about a healthy diet. I would like to say I eat like an average person. Normal portions, pretty ok nutrition wise and sometimes junk food. But I would like put more effort into my diet in order to be as energized as possible. I want to start with small changes;

  • A steady breakfast instead of no breakfast because of stressing morning
  • A home made lunch to bring to work instead of eating out
  • A planned dinner so that I can just go ahead and cook it
  • Always good snacks available like nuts and fruit
  • More water

So no drastic changes really. I will be tracking what I eat just to see if it makes a difference. Will I be happier, stronger and more energized?

How do you eat to stay on track?