The Compound Effect – Review

Title: The Compound Effect

Author: Darren Hardy

Area: Personal Development


Do you feel like your life is miserable? Or that it’s good but could be better? Or that you just want to know more about success in all aspects of life? This is the book with a capital B.

This is a crystal clear book about how positive habits can over time change your life for the better. And you know what? It’s actually pretty short. Hardy covers the main principles of the powerful compound effect in under 200 pages. He has cut out the unnecessary details and stuck to the essential information of all the thousands lessons he has learned. He has taken this essential information and put it into six parts. He presents these six parts with a few simple examples. He has basically written a book about success and hard work, but in such a simple way that anyone could understand and apply these methods into their lives. The text in itself is clear and simple, but to make it even easier for the reader to go back to the chapters while applying these methods, he has put a list of key action points in the end of every chapter.

What happened to me while reading this book? I’ll admit, I was going through a personal struggle. It was a mix of the present and the past. I know so many ways to have a happy foundation in life by heart, but I was being effected by external things which outsourced the voice from inside – my intuition. I didn’t feel that inner peace anymore and had so many negative thoughts in my head constantly. Finally, I got determined that I have to get back to the confident, happy and peaceful person I used to be. Reading this book during both my struggle and my way back, I had many a-ha’s and realizations. I know in my heart that the things Hardy talks about in this book is true and it just validated my philosophy even more. For example, I know that you create your life from choices. If you keep making poor choices, your life will reflect that. If you keep having the same negative habits, your life will reflect this.

I’ve been writing a lot about positive habits that I want in  life and reading about Hardy’s methods and knowledge surrounding habits made it even more clear to me. Now I really really put effort in changing my habits, eliminating habits and installing habits. Less social media, more meditation, more time with people who add value to your life rather than people who don’t etc.

Also, Hardy put some assessments to help the reader identify the negative habits, bad influences, how show more gratitude etc. He is putting all his effort into making your life better with this book.

Hardy is not into the magic. He promotes hard work. I trust every word he says, since he has logical and solid examples and have some of the most successful people backing him up. So if you’re out to make your life world-class, then this book is simply a must-read.

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