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When you plan something and it doesn’t turn out as you want it to, just know that it might be saved for another moment or that you’re destined to have something bigger. Trust God or the universe, whatever you believe in x


Messy Mind

Messy Mind.jpg

Sometimes we feel like our minds are working so much it’s too much. Thinking becomes overthinking. Our mind is a mess. The thoughts and the emotions makes it hard to focus on our daily tasks, hard to focus on what people are saying to us, hard to relax and to see things clearly. We have all been there.

What can we do towards overthinking? How do we make it stop? By letting it out. I’ve been a master of keeping my thoughts and emotions inside my head. It gets crowdy in there. The older I get, the better I get at sharing and letting these thoughts out. Most of these things are things you can’t control. This is so important to remember.

Let the thoughts out by;

– Talking to someone who is related to what you’re overthinking about. Your parent, your friend, partner etc. It’s a scary thing to do. But it will take you forward and you won’t feel stuck and anxious anymore. Sometimes letting your feelings out can break relationships because you’re not met with understanding or forgiveness. If that is the case, you can only accept and try your best to move on.

– Finding someone who is willing to listen to you expressing how you feel. Let this person take everything in and give you their input. It will probably make you see it from another perspective and calm you down a lot. It can be your best friend or a professional like a therapist. Don’t be ashamed to speak to someone who’s educatated to listen!

– Writing down every thought and emotion. If you wish you could express yourself to someone but for some reason can’t, write a letter to them. You don’t have to send it. It’s simply for letting your thoughts out. If your thoughts are not related to a person, writing can still be very helpful. Write everything down as properly as you can and put your note somewhere where you can’t see it. When you’re in a relaxed state or just in a good mood, take out your note and read with “new eyes” and a clear mind. Maybe you can now find the best advice for yourself. Remember that the truth is always within you.

I hope this was helpful. I’ve been experiencing a messy mind lately and I try to clear it as much as I can. I use all of these methods and it helps a bunch.

Good luck❤️


Becoming Who I Want To Be – The First Month

Becoming Who I Want To Be (1).jpg

One month ago I started a project. A project to go from being lost and unmotivated, to get back to joyful me and from there become the ideal me. On the 16th of May I wrote down my feelings and my goals for the next coming month of this project in a blog post. You can read it here. Now it’s been a month and it’s time to share my progress, thoughts and reflections of my journey. The challenge is to not make this too long. Here we go;

How I felt one month ago

I felt lost. I felt small in a giant world. I felt like I had the answer deep down in me and that my soul was calling for reunion. But I felt like I was on a roller coaster. It was up and down. I felt anxiety and peace. The soul and the ego were fighting over me. I felt lonely, unmotivated, uninspired, unloved, miserabel. I felt like I was far away from family and true friends. I felt like I was on the wrong path in my career. I was stuck.

How I feel now

I feel sooo much more like my old happy self. I feel the joy and love for life again. I’m motivated and excited to work on myself and become my ideal me in a few months. I work every day towards her. It’s still not perfect though. I sleep at the wrong hours and sometimes I’d rather watch Youtube videos that to write. But I’m definitely feeling more peaceful within. I wake up feeling happy and I go to bed with a smile.

What have I done this month?

Week 1 – During the first week I wrote down who the ideal me is and what her habits are. I had weekly goals that were pretty high. But I was still so down. I was so unproductive. I didn’t even achieve half of the goals for the week since I was so unmotivated and lost. I felt emotional pain and anxiety. I cried at some point every day of the week. It was like I knew what I had to do but it was so hard. I felt stuck. That weekend someone told me I had to get a break and took me to Normandie in west of France. I still felt so much in my head, but the nature, the ocean and the feeling of summer made me feel better and more peaceful. I knew in my heart that I was going in the right direction. But it was tough.

Week 2 – The week started in a good mood after the trip. I felt reloaded with energy. I still had quite high goals on myself. I planned many friend dates – girl nights in, clubbing, dinners etc. I felt ok, but it was still a bit of a roller coaster. I could feel happy and then much less happy after an hour. I wasn’t productive enough to achieve my weekly goals and I realized that I needed more time for myself next week.

Week 3 – I planned to have more me-time this week but because of various reasons, I couldn’t be by myself as much as I had hoped to. The first two days of the week I still felt this ball of anxiety in my stomach. I felt helpless. I woke up every morning feeling empty. On the Tuesday I thought about one of my options and thought about it seriously for a while. The same afternoon, I discussed this with my mother and the more we talked about it, the more it felt right. I made a decision – to go home in July. I understood that Paris can’t give me what I need right now. Stockholm can. Ones I made the decision, I felt liberated. I felt less anxious. The old me was slowly coming back. I slowly became more joyful. I started to visualize the rest of my year; one month of just breathing, reading, family time and meeting up with all my friends. Then update my CV and LinkedIn profile to go all in for my career and find a job that I felt passionate about. I would work there for about a half year and then pack my bags again to go to my next destination. Oh it sounded perfect! And actually, deciding to go home made my love for Paris flourish. I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could.

This week I also became kinder towards myself. My weekly goals were low and focused mainly on taking care of myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I felt like my foundation needed nourishment before building career and relationships. That Saturday we also had the TEDx event and I felt so alive working with the team and in the TEDx spirit. These are the types of things and the types of people I want to work with full time!

Week 4 – I finally started to feel more balanced between me-time and social life. I focused on me the first half of the week and then planned fun stuff for the second half. I felt like I got much more time with myself and that was very needed. I slept better (but the wrong hours; 3 am to 11 pm), meditated more and got more exercise going. I fell in love with Pilates and did several sessions. I was very satisfied with myself – I was being much more productive. I could separate the voice of my soul from the voice of my ego. Instead of feeling lonely, I loved me-time. I even reduced my usage of Facebook and spent that time on rewriting my vision, creating a “meditation spot” and writing. The only negative aspects were my crazy sleeping hours, my unbalanced diet (sometimes no breakfast, not much protein, not much vegetables and fruits) and that every day, the first one or two hours I would feel a bit down. But it would turn as my positivity kicked in and I would feel really good for the rest of the day. But I think clearer. I know what I want and what I need. I feel like myself again. I’m excited.

Week 5 – This week I’m still not getting up as early as I would like to because I fall asleep so late. But I am seeing more consistency in other habits! I’m eating more balanced. I am drinking many more glasses of water every day. I work out 3-4 times a week. I subconsciously take up my notebook and read through my weekly and daily goals several times a day. Even my mental habits are healthier (not judging, hating, more understanding etc.)! I’m also craving work. So this week I started to slowly do some more work and I even got a new client. I’m balanced between me-time, work and social life. I’m excited about going home to Sweden but I’m also excited to see and experience as much as I can of Paris ❤

Did I reach my goals?

In the previous post about this journey I had a few goals for the coming month.

  • Improved some of my habits, at least one should be consistent
    • ✓ At least two are very consistent; weekly/daily goals and my water intake.
  • See a change in myself, physically, mentally and spiritually
    • ✓ I’m already seeing results from the Pilates, I’m having a more loving and understanding thinking and I’m feeling closer to my soul.
  • Improved in achieving my weekly goals
    • ✓ I went from achieving less than half to achieving at least two thirds!
  • Improved my time management
    • ✓ My time management is definitely better; Mon – Fri me-time and work, Fri-Sun friends and fun stuff!
  • Improved my social life
    • ✓ I’ve seen a lot of friends and strengthened my relationships over the last few weeks. I’m just sad over leaving them! 😦
  • Gotten closer to my career goals
    • ✓ Yes, slightly closer as I have focused more on my well-being than my career this month, but the Happy Careerista brand is getting stronger and I did get some work done (and a new client) for my freelance biz.
  • Feel happier than I did this month – wake up with happiness, gratitude and love in me
    • ✓ 100% happier and feeling so much more like myself again!

So I nailed all the goals! Woo!

Next month I want to

  • Have two more habits consistent (consistent sleeping schedule should be one of them)
  • Feel even more evolved physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Have seen as much as I can of Paris (been up in the Eiffel Tower, exhibitions, been inside Sacré Coeur, gone Versailles etc.)
  • Have an idea of what I want to do when I get home and have some sort of plan
  • Make Happy Careerista even stronger!
  • Happily fly home to Stockholm ❤

If you managed to get through the whole text – thank you for coming by! Another update will be coming July 4th. Meanwhile;


The Intuition vs The Ego


The intuition can be known as your soul’s voice, your gut feeling or your heart. When we tell people to listen to their hearts, it means listen to their intuition. The intuition is our inner GPS as my favorite book, “Drömliv”, calls it. It is our inner internet and carries so much knowledge and wisdom, much more than the ego does. The intuition is the voice of our soul. The soul is free from hate, evil and darkness. Your soul is pure. And it loves you. The soul wants the best for you. Whatever it says (what your intuition says), it’s for your own good. Actually it knows what your path looks like. It’s a GPS. It carries as much knowledge as the internet. It knows what you need right here and now to get where you are supposed to. It wants you to have long-term happiness.

The ego, however, is like a reckless driver. Turns and breaks and stomps the gas to gain temporary happiness. The ego is superficial, judgmental and greedy. It’s your ego’s voice who says “your legs look big in these jeans” and other self hating things. It’s not always hateful towards you, but has no idea what the right path is. Therefor, you should not trust it.

As my favorite book puts it; you should rather put your soul in the driver’s seat than the ego. The ego has no idea what road leads to true, long-term happiness. The soul, however, is the GPS which knows exactly where you’re going. It knows how to take smaller roads to save you from obstacles on the way. It wants the best for you, in a long term sense.

Your ego, mind and common sense are different from the intuition. But you can hear them all. How do you know what’s your intuition and what’s your ego? This is the hard part, but fully possible; you just have to practice. Your intuition is always there. But its sound can be blocked by over thinking, emotions and your ego. That is why it’s so important to spend some time alone. When you shut off the world and social media, you are more likely to hear it. Meditation will help you calm down emotionally and clear your head. Ask yourself repeatedly “do I want this?”, “What should I do?” etc. The answer is there. If you’re not sure, keep listening. If you experience a lot of struggle, obstacles and feel nothing but unhappy, it’s a sign that you’re going against the intuition. The intuition will get louder and louder until you do as it says. And then – weight will leave your shoulders, you’ll feel hope and love pouring from your soul.

Example 1 – The intuition knows the true you

My soul knows who I am. I am a girl who likes exclusivity in relationships. I’d rather have one partner than several men. I’d rather share my body with very few than many. That’s just me. Sexuality is a very interesting topic for me, but I prefer exploring it with one person who is special to me. Going in the opposite direction always makes me feel a bit empty and not myself. I admit, I have tried, and have come to the conclusion that being intimate with a person I like makes me happier than being intimate with someone who is just “hot” but means nothing more to me.

Example 2 – What happened this year when I ignored my intuition

This year, I have gone against my intuition a lot. I know that I heard it but I kept ignoring it. And as I described it, it got louder and louder. I got less and less happy. Suddenly, I found myself in a hole I had dug of unhappiness, emotional pain and anxiety. I met obstacle after obstacle. I’ve gone against my intuition in my career, in my relationships and my lifestyle. Finally I started to change certain things about my life. Slowly but surely, I’m getting my old happy self back and the love for life too. I am listening to my intuition as carefully as I can in order to build myself up again. Going against it taught me a lot and I will carry that lesson with me to the next chapter of my life.

Example 3 – What happened when I ignored my intuition a few years back

A few years ago I was in a relationship with a super sweet person. A dream boyfriend, really! He would do everything for me. He had so many qualities. He was one of the most romantic men I had ever met. When I was with him, I thought he was so sweet but I didn’t feel in love or very attracted. I still continued the relationship. Because he was a dream guy, right? I couldn’t be so stupid to give up on a guy like that! But I kept feeling like something was wrong. When I kissed him, it didn’t feel right. When I slept next to him, it didn’t feel right. I started to feel anxious. Why couldn’t I decide? To stay or to go? At one point, I even broke down in tears in school in front of my friends who didn’t understand what was happening. I kept going anyway. Until one day. I felt nothing anymore. I felt like I’d rather study at home than to spend time with him. I finally understood that he wasn’t MY dream boyfriend. He wasn’t right for ME. And if I kept going he would just get hurt. I ended it and – wow. I felt so liberated. The pressure in my chest disappeared. I kept listening to my intuition and I felt like in a flow every day. Positive things came up all the time – good grades, compliments from teachers, fun days with friends, cool opportunities, new exciting contacts… It was amazing to see it in practice.


When your ego is in the driver’s seat you’ll experience happiness and joy in small doses. Your life is like a roller coaster. You’ll have rushes of joy just like you have coffee rushes and then it will drop just like the caffeine does after a while. The ego is a reckless driver, remember!

The intuition has a GPS and knows who you truly are and where you have to go. When the intuition is driving, you’ll experience a comfortable ride. You’ll feel this foundation of happiness within you. Whether you have achieved all your goals are not. You enjoy the process. You feel grateful. You love life. And as people love someone who spreads joy, you will attract more positive things in life. You’ll live in a constant flow.

It starts within. It’s not easy. That is why nourishing your relationship to your soul and inner peace is so powerful.

Good luck! ❤


Share Your Story

Share your story

Let’s get right into it;

Starting in June, I want to share stories with you from people I’ve stumbled across the last few years. People who all have a story and a message they want me to share with you. They come from all over the world, with different occupassions and different stories. All to inspire you in a certain domain in life.

I am still open for more stories to share! If you have a message you would like to get out through this blog, I would love to hear more about you and what you want to tell the world. Send me an email to 🙂

Stay tuned!



How to Become your own Best Friend

How to Become Your Own.jpg

One of the best choices you can make in your life is to become your own best friend. The earlier, the better. But don’t worry. It’s never too late.

I believe that we are souls in bodies that each have their own individual path. We can affect this path by setting up goals and visualize, but in the end, the universe has the last word. And it is always the best choice for you. The universe loves you deeply. And the universe has brought you here today. Welcome! Let me give you some advice I’ve learned on the way of becoming my own best friend and developed a healthy self-love.

What does it mean?

Being your own best friend means that you are stronger when you’re alone, when others are against you, you make the right choices for you and are more in peace within yourself. Sometimes the universe puts us in situations that are challenging because we need it. We might not understand it during the challenges but afterwards we realize how much we grew and how much we learned from the experience. Being our own best friend makes us tougher and stronger in our mind and soul to work through the challenges without giving up. We don’t hate ourselves and our bodies. We accept our flaws and are grateful for the talents we have been gifted. We have a positive outlook on life, we trust the universe and spread love and energy around us.

5 tips to become your own best friend

Here are 5 of the most important steps you can take in the journey of becoming your own best friend.

Practice gratitude

Everything starts with gratitude. You must learn the art of being grateful towards yourself, what you have and life itself. Only then you can grow. Gratitude and willing to develop and earn more in life is better without greediness. Start practicing gratitude. Take a few minutes a week or day depending how fast you want to go and think of all the things you are grateful for. In life, in your job, your partner – and yourself. Be grateful for all the good personality traits you have. Be grateful to your body and how it works for you. Many of us have things we want to change on our bodies, but please try to see the whole picture. Just because you change something on the outside, doesn’t it mean you’ll be a happier peson. Try to love your own unique body first.

Focus inwards – soul empowerment

Being connected to your soul, can give you so much happiness. I cannot stress this enough! If you have never really meditated, start as soon as you can! You don’t have to believe in anything like astrology or the soul. But you can pretend. When you see results, might start believing in something powerful within you. Connecting with your true self is not only through meditation. You can isolate yourself a few days, do trips and creative things by yourself. Simple, hang out with yourself. You’ll probably realize things about your life you never understood before. You’ll think clearly. And you’ll find a genuine happiness right where you are, whether you are far from your biggest goal or already there. It’s a really good sign when you find happiness just being by yourself.

Out with bad influences – in with good influences

Shut off influences from the outside that make you judge yourself. Liberate yourself from self-hate and judgement. Unfollow accounts on Instagram and Facebook that give you a negative view on your body and your life. Instead, follow accounts that really motivate you. Even better – less social media, more personal development. Read more books and articles in subjects you love and in personal development. In my opinion, you’ll gain more from that than scrolling through Kim Kardashian’s Instagram all the way back to 2014. Unless she is a positive role model to you, which is completely fine 🙂

Visualizing and plans

Where are you in life? Is it mediocre to you? Are you really where you want to be? Are you studying something you find interesting? Are you working with you passion? Do you love your partner? If you’re not exactly where you want to be, it’s time to take control over the situation and go on the journey towards your dream life. It requires more than a day. And it’s ok! Enjoy the journey and all that you get to experience. Life is more than an end goal.

  • Install the habit of visualizing. Write down in detail how you want every domain in life to look like. Visualize (imagine it in your head) regularly and your vision will constantly be in the back of your mind.
  • Make plans on how to get there. You might have heard about “The Law of Attraction”. It basically means visualize, believe and you shall receive. What they forgot was WORK. Yes you can’t receive all you want if you don’t step out the door. Start doing things to get closer to your goal. If you want to become a journalist, start freelancing and email blogs to do guest posts. If you want new friends, attend different types of events. If you take one step towards that goal, you’ll see how you’ll attract it much faster than if you stayed at home and wished.
  • Listen to your intuition and follow it. This is one of the hardest things I will tell you to do. I don’t even know if I do 100% as my intuition tells me. All I know is that every time I do, everything falls into place. Why can it be hard? Well sometimes, we might be in a totally comfortable situation and still feel uncomfortable. Like something’s wrong. We don’t get out of there because it’s so comfortable. But the feeling of discomfort will just grow. When you finally let go, you’ll be so liberated and relieved. Not until you hear your intuition (a.k.a. gut feeling) clearly and trust it fully, you will find yourself push through instead of letting go and you’ll do it until you can’t bare it anymore. When you let go, you will know in your heart it was the right decision to make.

Body empowerment

Lastly, take care of yourself! Give your body some loving as well, and not just through gratitude but through treatment. Nourish it with good food, less alcohol, more water and work out now and then. Do yoga, treat yourself a massage, paint your nails. Make yourself a body oil and rub it on the skin after a hot nice shower. Feel beautiful and have some alone time in front of the mirror. Admire what you see. Love what you see. Be happy in your own skin.


This is now over a thousand words, straight from my heart. Am I my best friend? Definitely! I love myself before expecting someone else to love me. Do I do all these things regularly? No, but I try. And so should you. Becoming your best friend takes time. See it as a process. Maybe you have to cry and work through hard things and that’s ok. Take your time. It will be worth it.

  • Practice gratitude towards everything in life and especially towards yourself
  • Focus inwards and connect with your soul
  • Cut on bad influences and replace them with good ones
  • Start visualizing, making plans and listening to your intuition
  • Love and nourish your body

Good luck on your journey x


Chakras – Study with Me


For quite some time, I have heard the word “chakra” in different spiritual videos, texts and speeches. But not until now I’ve gotten a better picture of what it actually is. I decided to study this closer and share my learning with you.

What I knew before studying it closer; the chakras are seven areas along the spine all the way up to the top of the head on your body that stands for different domains in life. In meditation you can heal these areas when you feel troubled in a certain domain in life. However, it takes a long time, probably years, to really FEEL the chakras. I’m very much in the beginning of this journey and I’m prepared to wait a long time before experiencing the real actual power of the chakras.

As I can’t share any specific experiences with you, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about the different chakras and then take it from there.

  • Root chakra
    • This chakra symbolizes your connection to the earth, your physical body and survival. It’s located at the base of your spine. “The energy of Mudladhara allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It connects us with spiritual energy of our ancestors, their challenges and their triumphs” –
    • Here’s a simple root chakra meditation:
  • Sacral chakra
    • The second chakra is located in your pelvic area, just below the navel. This chakra allows you to feel pleasure, sensation, intimacy and connection. It’s also the chakra for passion and creativity. “Passion is the fuel of creative energy. Everything you create, a poem, a drawing, or a website, originates from the energy of second chakra. It is also where your fertility originates. After all, conceiving a child is a creative process.” –
    • Here’s a simple sacral chakra meditation:
  • Solar Plexus chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
    • This one and the next chakras are the spiritual chakras. The throat chakra is located where neck and shoulders meet. This chakra represents communication, expressing yourself and speaking the truth. “The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.” –
    • Here’s a simple throat chakra meditation:
  • Brow chakra
    • The brow chakra is also known as the third eye chakra and is the motive in many spiritual pictures. It’s located in the brain at brow level like a third eye. “The gift of this chakra is seeing – both inner and outer worlds. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection.” –
    • Here’s a simple brow chakra meditation:
  • Crown chakra

The chakras can be “opened”. When you learn to open them through meditation you access its true energy and you can learn how to balance the chakras. If they are excessive, it can be a negative energy. If the solar plexus chakra is excessive, you might be egoistic in a negative way. Balancing them allows you to use the energies in the best way possible.

I’m now on my  journey to learn how to open and balance my chakras. Did you know that these existed? Do you believe in them? Have you mastered the art of opening them? Let me know your experiences!