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Good morning/day/evening!

I’ve noticed that most of my readers are from America, Sweden and Australia, so you’re really spread all over the world. I love it! In France it’s early afternoon and I’ve finished my morning workout, my lunch and now I’m gonna make a cup of (you should know by now if you’re a regular reader) cappuccino and just work away. Some of the things on my schedule is improving the blog actually. So if you have any suggestions of improving the blog, please let me know in the comments!

What I really wanted to talk about is how to start with personal branding. If you’re an entrepreneur or have a certain talent you’d like to advertise, personal branding could be a good way to be seen by your target group. A pretty much free way to do this is to use social media. Not every social media is the same though and you should be sharing different content on each social media. Here’s a quick guide;

Facebook A Facebook page is good for most things like sharing updates, pictures, advertisement. But it’s also a good place to create events, competitions and Q&A’s.


Twitter Twitter should be where you share short updates, thoughts and opinions. It’s also a fun way to connect and communicate with others!


Instagram Instagram is a perfect way to share what you do in pictures. If you work with fashion, you can publish sneak peaks at what you’re working on for the next season. And even if you don’t work with a product, you can share your experiences like office time, traveling, business meetings etc. In my case, I share both pictures from my life and quotes.


Snapchat I actually don’t use Snapchat for a professional use yet, but can be a great way to let your customers/followers follow you at work and get behind the scenes footage. Example of users:  Michelle Phan (beauty guru), Tiësto (DJ), Redbull (company).

Youtube Again, I don’t make Youtube videos yet, but if you’d like to give tutorials on how to use your products, do vlogs (video blogging), publish commerical videos, have speeches and lectures, Youtube is a really creative space where you can do almost anything. So I suggest you just start and let your creativity flow!

Periscope If you like to share your thoughts and like speaking, Periscope is a great way to have live broadcasts wherever you are. You can for example teach others things you’ve learned, like how to grow self-confidence, how to go from idea to action or how to have the courage to quit your job to follow a dream. The topics are endless. I’m planning to jump on Periscope starting next week, so stay tuned for that!

That was a quick guide on how to use social medias in your personal branding. Another must-have if you’re really serious with your personal branding is a website. You can also include a blog in your website. I really like WordPress so far, but if you have money saved for business you can always find a good graphic designer to custom make your website.

Alright, that’s enough for this time. Do you have any tips on how to spread the word about you? Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to comment!

Getting that cappuccino now. Smash the day! x AE ❤

What’s Really Meaningful – My Message


Sometimes I tend to use images of luxurious things such as BMWs, suits, jewelry and so on. Mindset, business and personal development have a strong connection to luxury. Because if you want to build a thriving business, you need to adjust your mindset unless you already have it and when you have your thriving business you might want to treat yourself with luxurious things. This is why most motivation accounts on Instagram post their quotes on images symbolizing a ‘successful life’. I see nothing wrong with that. But I want to point out something important about my vision, mission and message;

My vision for my Instagram account is to post vibrant posts that can inspire dreamers. Whether you’re a man, woman or anther gender. Whether you’re into business or art. What my mission is, is to reach ambitious people with a wild passion for something. I want to be a part of their journeys, I want to be a support and a friend. I share my thoughts on personal development which can be implemented into the life of anyone. It doesn’t matter what you want to succeed in. I might write a lot about entrepreneurship, but that’s because it’s my passion. I love following people with other kinds of passions as well, like fitness, art, engineering or music. Passion is what fascinates me.

Underneath all the luxury, the core consists of real love for passion and dreams. So don’t take me for just another greedy entrepreneur. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur who puts the soul before the ego and love before money. Compassion is what’s really meaningful to me.

AE ❤

Quality over Quantity

I get happy when I hit a certain amount of followers on Instagram. Just hitting 500 followers was once huge to me. My account is growing rapidly and I’m at 4,2k now. And it’s not about being popular. It’s about reaching out to people and connecting with like-minded. But to be completely honest, out of these 4,2k, at least half are ghost followers and out of the rest, only a small percentage are people I actually connect with. Receiving a direct message from someone saying they are inspired by my drive means so much more than likes. Of course I want to grow my account in order to meet even more people that I can actually discuss mindset and other deep things with but I appreciate gaining five like-minded friends over gaining 500 new followers.


I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. A post with over 100 likes looks good, but I feel even better when people contact me and want to know more about me behind the account. I would like thank everyone I’ve gotten to know so far and I’m very happy I’ve met you. I’m glad we can follow each other on the journey towards our dreams 🙂 And if you like my Instagram account or blog, never hesitate to message me, it makes me happy to talk to you and of course getting feedback.

Much love and positive vibes your way x AE ❤

Advice from a Billionaire

I am terribly bad at following blogs. So far, the only blog I actually read every day is, one of Sweden’s biggest blogs run by a 25-year-old female entrepreneur. But since I started blogging myself, I’ve been on a hunt for new interesting blogs, preferably business related. Are there any blogs run by young ambitious females like myself? If you know one or are one, please let me know!

Anyway, on this hunt I found an interesting blog post by about the author getting four rules from a billionaire she knew that you should follow if you want your business to make money. Here’s they are;


“1) Don’t do retail. 
Yikes! But Stephanie! I’m already doing retail! It’s ok. Look at IKEA. They are retail and wildly successful. Sara Blakely with Spanx, she’s a billionaire and she’s crushing it. Remember, these are his rules. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one! Selling B2B rather than B2C can turn in to really big profit, really fast. The deals tend to be bigger, the work more focused and sales efforts more targeted.
2) Margins. 
You may have heard the 30% margin rule. If you don’t have 30% margins, you won’t have enough money to have a profitable company. And if your margin is higher? Yeeeee!!!! That’s awesome. One of my best friends used to work for a company that made shoe inserts. A very big company. They created inserts for around $3 and sold them for over $200. That’s a healthy margin right there. A standard 30% margin on a $3 product would be around $4.35. But $200, that’s around 96%. Holy guacamole.
Now, don’t go thinking you can up your prices if the market won’t bear it, so you need to get creative. Some products that provide massive margins are info products or software products. Anything that you can make once and sell over and over again.
Does your business have healthy margins? Like HEALTHY margins? What can you do to up that percentage?
3) Annuities. 
Annuity: aka recurring payments. Selling your customer over and over again is easier than finding a new customer over and over again. But the key here is necessity. Recurring payments for your product or service must be a necessity – or a perceived necessity to your customer.
Think of your cell phone bill, the wifi, your gym membership. Your product or service needs to be so vital to your customer that they can’t live without it. If it comes to either having a cell phone or your BirchBox subscription – which one would you choose if you had to?
Your product needs to fulfill a big need for your customer so a recurring payment is second nature to them.
4) Volume. 
Also known as sales. Ramit Sethi wrote about passion this week, and I recently wrote about it in my book “No One Told Me, Until Someone Told Me” – the worst thing someone could tell you is to follow your passion and the money will come. (You need to be solving a problem… but that’s for another post.)
Actually, make some sales and the money will come. Selling a lot of a product that creates annuities and has an amazing margin will ultimately lead to wealth according to my billionaire friend.”
I like these rules. I would like to get into retail at some point but I think it could be smart to save up for a start capital or get funding somewhere. What are your thoughts? Visit for more blog posts like this one!
I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday, keep hustlin’ x AE ❤

Weekly Goals (Week 44)

It’s Tuesday, but whatever! Here’s my goals for this week;

Work goals:

  • Have at least four full work days at home (every other day)
  • Work more on projects, less on personal branding
  • Send an email with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris
  • Follow the Productivity Program

Social media goals:

  • Be more consistent with posts on Instagram
  • Hit 4,5k followers on Instagram
  • Put out good content on the blog that readers appreciate and find helpful/inspiring

Paris goals:

  • Study one hour of French every day (online course, Duolingo, videos)

Health goals:

  • Eat balanced and varied
  • Do the 2WW from the Productivity Program, and at least three days should be a real work out

As you can see, my goals are somewhat easier this week. Or just less than last week. So far it’s going really good! Have a productive day x AE ❤

P.S. Read about my third week in France on!

How to Create a Vision Board

First method in Robin Sharma’s (see previous post) 5 methods to beat procrastination, is to do a vision board. Now, this is nothing new to me. But I decided to do two vision boards this time. Here’s how I do it;

I don’t have a physical dashboard (yet!) so I create a virtual one at This site is good for making all kinds of planning boards, but Pinterest is good if you prefer that site. I decided to make one vision board for short term goals, from today to the beginning of next year and one for long term goals which can be in 5 to 10 years. When I was very consistent with visualizing, I divided it into six parts; family & relationships, career, health, social life, lifestyle and short term goals. To create the vision boards I used all of these except the last one.

For each board I make two lists and write down the goals I have, for instance in the category  ‘relationships’ you might want to live a single life in the short term vision, but be engaged in the long term vision. You can of course add other things like learning a new language or make a certain trip. Just fill your list with goals.

When you have your goals written down, you start looking for images that will symbolize your goals. You can use Google, Tumblr, Weheartit etc. I save the pictures in a map so I can easily find them later.

When I have all my images collected, I start pinning them onto my board. When I’m done I should feel very satisfied since just looking at the board should make me feel excited for the future. I usually print screen it and set it as my wallpaper on my lap top. That way I always have it there. The things is, you want to look at it at least every morning and every evening so that you always keep those images in the back of your mind and subconsciously work towards them. You can’t plan the future, but with a clear vision you can be guided in the right direction.

What do I have on my vision boards? I think these boards are quite personal but I can share a few things on each board;

Short term 

  • I want my mother to keep develop and have fun while I’m away
  • I want to be a part of a successful and fun launch of the Swedish start-up launching in Paris
  • I want to start meal prepping, use the supplements I’ve been planning to take and find a gym here in Paris
  • I want to have found my best friends here
  • I want to celebrate Christmas and New Years with family and friends in Paris
  • I want to have found a permanent apartment to move into in January
  • I want to hit 10k on Instagram
  • I want to speak at least double of the French I do now

Long term

  • I want to start my own family between the age of 25 and 30
  • I want to have more than two successful businesses (be a full time entrepreneur)
  • I want to have a solid, small, like-minded circle of friends
  • I want to have lived in the UK, the US, Germany and Australia
  • I want to buy a house where my children can grow up
  • I want to be fluent in (except from Swedish and English) French, German and Italian
  • I want to be able to travel at least two times a year
  • I want to be able to work with charity and really contribute to the world

These are some things on my vision boards! I also have a statement I read out to myself every morning and evening. If you feel lost sometimes but have a lot of ambition, create a vision board and if it’s a physical one, even better! If you have any questions, advice or just want to talk about visualizing, feel free to comment below or send me a DM, either here or on my Instagram

This was a looong post. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll continue working/cleaning/doing laundry now! Good luck masters x AE ❤


A little example of what a vision board can look like 🙂

Productivity Program Part 1; 5 methods to beat procrastination by Robin Sharma

I shared a video by Robin Sharma in the same post as me talking about creating a productivity program. I had no idea how to start this program or how to structure it, but since I really loved the five methods he talks about in the video, I thought I would start with them.


In this video, he gives you five methods he used himself to beat procrastination. These are;

  1. Making a statement like ‘I want to be/have achieved ____ at _____’. This is something you should read out every morning and evening. With this he says you should make some kind of vision board with things you want in life. You will also look at this morning and night.
  2. Doing something you usually procrastinate, every day. For example, if you usually procrastinate doing the dishes, you do the dishes and write it down at day 1. Day 2, you do something else you usually procrastinate and write it down.
  3. 2WW, is something Sharma says means two wind work out. You work out as soon as you get up in the morning and then you work out again in the late afternoon, around 5 pm.
  4. Creating distraction free environments. Get rid of the clutter and distracting things like social media while you’re working.
  5. Releasing self-sabotage – stop thinking you can’t, stop criticizing yourself and think positive thoughts about your own power.

So these are the five methods, which I want to try out for a month (26/10 – 26/11). I have started with the first method and have actually done this for a pretty long time. I’ll tell you more about my vision boards in the next post.

For work, I’ve put a certain priority on different projects. My work time should be split up in;

30% Project launching a company in Paris

30% French

20% P1

20% P2

To make this easy; if I have 1 hour and 40 minutes to do some work, I spend 30 minutes on brainstorming the launch, 30 minutes studying French, 20 minutes working on project 1 and 20 minutes working on project 2.

Have an awesome week! #LoveMonday x AE ❤

Follow up on this Week’s Goals

So while sipping my (of course) cappuccino, enjoying Spotify’s list ‘A Creative Day at Work’ and letting my fanatsy flow, I thought about what day it is – Sunday! It’s been a whole week since I stated my weekly goals. This day is not over though, but I’m going to go through them anyway;

Work goals:

Done – I had a successful meeting regarding a potential job/project and I’m very very excited to see where this leads. I could be part of something big and can’t even imaginge how much I can learn from this!

Not done – Pretty much the rest. I haven’t finished the ‘foundations’ of P1 and P2. But I’ve come up with new goals surrounding them and will share them tomorrow. I haven’t really done much to improve Ms.Eriksson. I didn’t do a job searching plan either since I feel like this project I was having a metting about is the job I really want.

Social Media goals:

Done – I hit 4K on Instagram! Wohoo. Even though I wasn’t very consistent with my posts. If you are a follower, then thank you! :* I’ve also gained more activity on my Facebook page and attracted more readers to the blog. Very happy about that!

Not done – The engagement is pretty much the same on Instagram and I haven’t really done anything to get it up since I was, like I said, inconsistent. I haven’t reached 50 likes on Facebook and I haven’t posted three times a day on the blog.

Paris goals:

Done – I’ve got an apartment for the rest of the year, which feels good. I’m going to share it with a friend but have my own room which I feel is ok. I get some kind of privacy. I’ll look for my own own place for the beginning of next year! I also did some more ‘sightseeing’ this week compared to last week. I’ve been to some more of the city parts called Temple, Hôtel de Ville, Panthéon and Luxembourg (also known as arrondissement 3, 4, 5 and 6). I’ve tasted more of the food and I still haven’t been disappointed. (More about my third week and French food tomorrow on

Not done – I’m still not done with the first three weeks on my seven-week course in French. I better hurry, because the fourth week’s tasks arrives tomorrow!

Health goals:

Done – I’ve bought pretty good food and have eaten properly. I plan to take a step further next week!

Not done – The training of course…

Phew. I’ve learned what I’m capable of and what I’m lazy about. Do you want me to continue the weekly goals? I promise I’ll be better at achieving them!

I’ll continue working now. Peace x AE ❤

Sticking to Plans

Last night, I fell asleep late again. I was supposed to catch a bus at 8 am, but when my phone rang around 7 am I felt the lack of sleep I’ve had the past few days. I had to cancel my plans with my two friends. But instead of actually writing that to them, I of course fell back to sleep. I woke up at like 20 minutes before we were suppose to meet up and quickly sent them a message, No one replied and not until hours later I was told they both had been there but not found each other. One had been out the night before, but still made it on time. I guess she’s not very happy now. And even if I had a reason and they could have done the thing together (but somehow didn’t find each other), I feel a bit guilty. Lately I’ve been quite bad at sticking to plans and have been showing up late. I think there’s mainly two factors; one is that I live an hour away from the center of the city and it’s sometimes hard to know exactly when I’ll be there and two, procrastination. I’ll talk more about procrastination tomorrow.

Anyway since we cancelled today’s plans, I think I’ll just shut the guilt out and let things cool. I’ll stay home and work instead because I really really need to. Happy Sunday x AE ❤