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Hello and Welcome to Happy Careerista!

In April 1996, an Aries girl was born in Stockholm, Sweden and she would feel different throughout her whole life. First, in a bad way, then in a really good way. She would grow up to be me, Andrea. I grew up as the only child of a single mother in a middleclass home. In the first half of my years on Earth, I felt less privileged than my friends. They had big families to celebrate Christmas with, two parents that loved them, siblings to play with. I also felt different on the outside. I was not blond like my classmates even though I felt just as Swedish as them! Thankfully as I reached the teenage, many role models, taught me to appreciate everything about my life. I was healthy, I lived in a country with many possibilities for me no matter how much money my mother had, I had never been bullied etc.

And even later in my teenage, at the age of 16, I stumbled across a book that would change my life forever. (If you can read Swedish, look up ‘Drömliv’ by Karin Nordhlander and Kajsa Ingemarsson. I’m forever thankful to these ladies). This book opened my eyes, opened my mind and my heart. It was the first personal development book I read, and my interest for this is even to this day, major.

The same year, I decided that my ultimate career goal was to do my own thing. I wanted, from the bottom of my heart, to become an entrepreneur that would contribute to a better world. I wanted to create things that would make people happy, that would make people’s lives easier, that would make the future brighter. Almost four years later, this is still my mission.

I want to be an ambassador for entrepreneurship, empowerment, innovation, passion, freedom, love and happiness. So I started an Instagram to motivate and inspire people while also sharing my journey towards my goals. For two years I’ve grown an Instagram page slowly but steady to now 8700 followers (happycareerista). After high school, I was crazy enough to leave my home to pursue the dream of living and working in the capital of France, Paris. With no school, I now want to work harder for my entrepreneurial dreams and extend my Instagram. Et voila, this blog was born.

My goal with this blog is to deliver content with quality about young entrepreneurship, success and how to be happy for real. Posts about simple things like tips on what to wear for important meetings to deeper thoughts like how to stay connected to your soul. I will mix this with some updates about my own journey and projects. I want to provide you, my awesome readers, a friend on your journey, maybe an inspiration to start your own thing, advice on problems etc. I want to be like a friend who supports you 100% when no one else does. If you ever want to contact me, my email is happycareerista@gmail.com.

I hope you will love this blog, and even if you’re just a one-time visitor, I’d like to say –

Thank you for coming!



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