Fear & Fail Stockholm

Hey Lovelies!

I’ve recently joined an organization called Fear & Fail. I will be working with them to help them promote their events on social media, just like I did for TEDxIHEParis.

I would like to give them a little shout out and tell you about what they do. Fear & Fail exists in three different countries at the moment; Slovenia, Austria and Sweden. The purpose is to motivate and inspire people to face their fears and to not be scared to fail in the business world. Read more on the website here.

The 17th of August, Fear & Fail Stockholm will hold an event with focus on media. There will be two great speakers with inspiring stories on how they failed their way to success in the world of media.


“Fatima Lagerås is the CEO/Founder of  SWIXER – a full production services company providing small to large scale production services to Swedish and international clients. Fatima has produced TV and film for the major Swedish broadcasters as well as done business overseas on behalf of clients such as: ESPN, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.”


“Petter Lindblad is a film producer running the Swedish production company Snowcloud Films, focusing on projects for children and youth, with a special passion on animation and adventure films with CGI. Preferably technologically challenging, lean productions with high quality screen results. Petter has been a producer for over 10 years, working both in Denmark and in Sweden, with own projects as well as several international co-productions. He has produced 5 feature films. Additionally he consults and teaches animation production, and hosts a yearly animation day together with The Swedish Film Institute about animation since 2013.”

If you happen to be in Stockholm on the 17th of August, please come by Impact Hub at 6 PM for a free, inspiring event in English.

RSVP here.

Attend Facebook event here.



A Perfectly Productive Day

Happy (6).jpg

My loved ones, how has your week started?

Ever since I got home, I haven’t been super productive. Maybe 50% of what I was in Paris. It’s partly because of summer since I, to a beginning, couldn’t sleep since it was so warm in the apartment. I’ve tried to flip my day back to sleeping at midnight and getting up at 8 am, but no success yet.

It made me think of how the perfect work day looks like for me. My circumstances are different now when I live with my family and I only work with my own projects. I think it would look something like this;

  • 8 AM
    • I start the day with a fresh glass of water. This helps me wake up properly and starts to remove toxins from the body.
    • Make a nutritious breakfast.
    • Review my quarterly goals and visualize them.
    • Review my weekly goals and write goals for the day.
    • Do whatever I need to do before starting work. Brushing teeth, skin care etc.
  • 9 AM
    • I quickly review what needs to be done in my 3 areas of work; Happy Careerista, my business and an event I’m involved in (more info soon!).
    • I do about 1,5 hours of Happy Careerista, 0,5 hours for the event and 5 hours of working with my clients in copy writing and social media management.
    • When I feel hungry, I have lunch and a break which is 1 hour in total
  • 5 PM
    • I am now done with work, so I make a snack and hang out with my mother for a bit.
    • The rest of the day is for other tasks I want to complete during the day. I might want to practice some French, research something for my own personal development, have a Skype call with a friend or just watch a movie with my mother.
    • During a few days of the week, I do a Pilates session of at least 3o minutes.
    • Dinner with the family.
  • 9 PM
    • During the very last hours before bed, I want to squeeze in some treatment for the body, mind and the soul without being too distracted by the internet and social media. I’d maybe like to have a quick mini-spa, read a book, write in my diary or meditate.
  • 12 PM
    • I review my daily and weekly goals again and tick off everything I have completed. I love how satisfied I feel when I’ve completed at least 80% of the to-do-list! We are all humans and we can’t predict the future. Some days we feel like crap and can’t do a thing. Some days something occurs that forces you to change up the schedule. And it’s ok! I don’t beat myself up for not achieving 100% everyday. 80% is still a super productive day!
    • I go to sleep with my phone a few meters away. I should just feel relaxed and comfortable. I should be thinking of things I’m grateful for and future events I’m excited for. Hopefully I’ll fall asleep within an hour.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have time for so many things in just 16 hours. That sounds like the perfect weekday. #ProductivityGoals

How would your perfectly productive day look like?


Turn your Passion into a Business

Turn you Passion into your

Do you have a passion that makes you lose track of time? Something you could spend your days doing for free because you love it so much? Well, today it’s hard to work for free since we often have rent to pay and food to put on the table. But what if I told you that it’s fully possible to turn you passion into a business which provides a sum of money to live on? It shouldn’t be a surprise to you. Just take a look at these;

Jamie Oliver – He loves cooking and turned it into his job.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – He loves playing football and turned it into his job.

Sophia Amoruso – She loves vintage clothes and turned it into her job.

Any singer – They loved music and turned it into their job!

Yes, these guys have worked hard to earn their reputation and fame, but you don’t have to become a public person to work with your passion all day. What you have to do though is to work hard. Any business takes time to build up and it takes time to build it big enough to provide you with a salary to live on.

That’s why it has to be your passion. When it’s your passion, you don’t give up as easily. You want it so bad. If you’re all fire and flames about fashion, it is more likely that you’ll keep fighting to make it your life.

Where do you start?

And it could be any passion. Drawing, sewing, gardening – anything! It’s actually easy to start. Pick a passion, learn the basics in running a business, create a business plan and have a lot of patience. But you also have to be ok with starting small unless you have access to a start capital. Starting small and letting your little project take its time is great as you’ll slowly but steady build your brand and also learn tons on the way.

A good way to start working with your passion without a lot of money is to be a freelancer. A freelancer is like an entrepreneur in many ways. You decide when you want to work and how much you want to work. It can be done on the side of your job or studies and work as an extra income. If you succeed to create a great reputation and get bigger and bigger projects, you might be able to quit your job and be a full time freelancer.

My journey as a freelancer (so far)

In February, I decided to make writing a part of my job and officially became a freelance writer, translator and social media manager. Since I truly enjoy writing, social media and languages (English, Swedish, German and French especially), I’ve been able to feel motivated even when I didn’t get many projects. Today, 5 months later, I’ve managed to get two on-going projects that I can focus on and do a good job in. I’ve also done many small projects along the way and learned a lot just during these 5 months.

Here are 3 of my top tips;

  1. Be passionate but realistic – Your service should be something you really like doing. For example, doing graphic design. It should also be something you are rather talented in doing. You might not have to be an expert in your field right away, but you have to be somewhat good. When you have something you like and good at you have to make sure it’s something people want. Once it’s a yes on all three – go for it!
  2. Don’t make promises you can’t keep – You should always under promise and over deliver rather than the other way around. Even if you believe in yourself, make sure you don’t say you can finish a job unrealistically fast or take on too many projects and make a half hearted job on them all.
  3. Be careful with payments – Unless you’re using a platform which handles your contracts, it’s super important that you are careful with trusting your clients without a contract. You might end up waiting for a payment for months or never receive it! Always have a contract and decide price and payment method in advance.

A great tool I’ve found is Invoice2Go where you can create invoices really quick and easy from wherever you are and send it once your work is done. It can even be done from your phone! They have good templates to help you great good looking invoices and also offer to create diagrams and reports for your business to keep you updated on how it’s going.

So if you absolutely love yoga and are quite talented – make it your job by becoming a freelance yoga instructor! It could be anything. Good luck with finding your passion and remember;



In collaboration with Invoice2Go


Share Your Story

Share your story

Let’s get right into it;

Starting in June, I want to share stories with you from people I’ve stumbled across the last few years. People who all have a story and a message they want me to share with you. They come from all over the world, with different occupassions and different stories. All to inspire you in a certain domain in life.

I am still open for more stories to share! If you have a message you would like to get out through this blog, I would love to hear more about you and what you want to tell the world. Send me an email to happycareerista@gmail.com 🙂

Stay tuned!



Update on TEDx

TEDx (1).jpg

A month ago I announced being part of a TEDx team here in Paris and preparing an event in May. Back then, we had only revealed one speaker. Now we have changed venue (to a really beautiful one!) and revealed 8 out of 9 speakers. It’s time for an update.

Why is TEDxIHEParis Unique?

The very special thing about TEDxIHEParis is that it’s the only TEDx event in Paris which is fully in English. The team is very international. We come from different cultures and countries, have different religions and different sexual orientations. And trust me, the event will reflect this diversity. The idea is also to have speakers from all of the world’s corners sharing their global ideas with the audience, which we believe will also be a fun mix. The audience will of course contain of lovely French people, but also expats, students and other international people living in or visiting Paris. Paris is actually one of the cities in the world with most international students and we want them to be able to enjoy a TEDx event fully with us.

The Speakers


Read more about their biographies and talks at http://www.tedxiheparis.fr/speakers/

The Venue

We decided to change the venue to the gorgeous Théâtre de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It’s a beautiful, glamorous theater which will definitely set the mood at May 21st!


How am I involved?

I try to assist where I’m needed and I try to be a consistent support to the organizer. What I focus on, though, is content management. I run the Twitter– and the Instagram accounts. I also write the newsletter which is sent out every second Thursday morning. You can sign up at www.tedxiheparis.fr 🙂

Want to Attend and Join us on the Journey to Change the World?

The event is held from 14 PM to 19 PM  Saturday May 21st in the heart of Paris, France. Tickets are still available at www.tedxiheparis.fr/book-your-tickets. After the event there is also a possibility to join us at a networking after party at Belushi’s Gare du Nord!

Attend the event on Facebook for updates; https://www.facebook.com/events/1677223675860068/

Hope to see you there!



Not long ago I actually joined a TEDx team here in Paris, and have been focusing on content and social media management. Yesterday we revealed our first speaker and released the tickets so this is the perfect time to tell you more about it;

TEDxIHEParis is the only TEDx in Paris where the main language is English. The team is international, the partners, the speakers and the audience as well. The theme is ‘Beyond our limits’ and we’ll have 10 amazing speakers basing their talks on this theme. Yesterday we revealed one of the speakers, André Brugiroux, a man who travelled the world for 50 years! I’m excited to hear his talk about what he has discovered about humanity and just as excited to hear the rest of the talks!

The event kicks off May 21st at Cité des Sciences, Paris and I recommend you to attend if you live in France, nearby or just happen to visit during that week. Tickets are available at http://www.tedxiheparis.fr/get-your-tickets/. Get one before they sell out! It’s gonna be a blast! 🙂

For more information, I suggest you follow us on all our social medias and attend our Facebook event;

I hope to see you there this late spring.

Love and light! x

How to meet new Business Contacts

Lately, I’ve come in contact with new people for collaboration and knowledge exchange. But where did I find them? You can find them if you have an idea of what kind of people you want to meet, believe in that idea and do something to find them! Here are a few useful platforms;




LinkedIn is probably the most known social media platform for professionals and it can be really effective if you use it right. LinkedIn is basically the professional Facebook and you have a profile with a profile picture, a resumé of your work history etc. What’s important when you want to be a pro user is to;

  • Have a good and professional profile picture
  • Include the most important parts of your employment/projects history
  • Add as many skills as possible, the most important first
  • Make sure you have some kind of contact information on your profile in case of business inquiries
  • Become a member of group related to your profession or in sectors where you’d like to get in, and NETWORK reguarly!
  • Add your business contacts and friends
  • Et voilá you’ll have new business contacts that see everything you share and all your new projects




Facebook is not necessarily only for reading Buzzfeed articles and keeping up with all your friends and family, but can also be a place where you can network. There are tons of Facebook groups that are active every day with members from all over the world. If you are in the fashion industry, why not search for “Fashion Entrepreneurs” or “New Fashion Brands”. Play around with the words and once you’re in a good group, make sure you’re noticed by posting, liking and commenting! Another tip is to have your business/profession visible on your profile.




This is a Danish startup that I can across over a year ago. I honestly don’t know how active it is, but why not try it out! This site is for entrepreneurs and professionals who travel and would like to meet up with like-minded around the world. If you’re making a trip to Berlin, you can search for professionals in Berlin who you could schedule a coffee idea exchanging with. How awesome isn’t that?




I’ve met soo many of my professional friends through this platform, so I can say from my own experience that it’s good for networking! You simply find people by searching for keywords. If you work with retail, search for ‘retail’ in order to find more people like you! Try giving them a follow, bunch of likes, comments and a DM presenting yourself and you might be met by the same curiosity and interest.





This is the Tinder for professionals, partly based here in Paris! My friend showed it to me recently so I downloaded it yesterday to try it out. You fill in a bio presenting yourself and then you get a selection of people nearby who you can swipe right or left whether they seem interesting or not. It’s a quicker way to network daily or when you feel like it by simply look at a few profiles a day. Why not try it out and start swiping opportunities for you?


Almost all this platforms (soon Shapr as well, I’m sure!) have brought me friends, business contacts, business partners and clients. Use social media wisely and good luck with your networking.

Track Your Efficiency

Today, I would like to share a little tip with you. I started doing this when I wanted to find out how much exactly I did during a work day in order to get an idea of my efficiency. So here are the simple steps;


Open a word document or take out your notebook to track your efficiency!

Have a word document  in the background or just a paper next to  you while you’re working. Note the time you start working, take pauses and stop working for the day. During the working hours, you also write down everything you do. For example, this is what it could look like;

10.00 Start working

  • New logo for TrackYourEfficiency.com designed
  • Two blog posts written and scheduled about efficiency

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 Start working

  • A power point presentation on efficiency prepared

14.00 Break to commute to a venue

14.30 Start working

  • Lecture about efficiency

16.30 Stop working

Total hours of work for this person were five hours. In five hours they designed a new logo, wrote two blog posts, created and finished a power point presentation and held a two hour long lecture. That is one efficient person!

Now try this yourself and see how much you actually get done during the day. Not much? Maybe you check your phone too much? Or do you get more than enough done and should take more breaks? Good luck and happy Saturday!



How I Found My Niche

Saturday story time. For many years I’ve known what I wanted to be when I grew up; an entrepreneur. But the job ‘entrepreneur’ can mean a million things. It gets even better – I’m also interested in a million fields and areas. Now a days, we’re also told that the more niched you are, the better. That it’s easier to succeed if you pick an area, become an expert in this area and build your business on this expertise. But how the heck does a person with so many business dreams, find their niche?

It has taken years for me. I started sharing my passion for business through Instagram at the age of 17 (three years ago!) while I was still in school. I didn’t have plans on starting anything at that point, but the older I got the more serious I got about my own ideas. I started something, shared it on social media and changed my mind. I got a lot of comments about being fake, having fake businesses and so on. I guess I made the mistake to share too much about working on something and not revealing it which got peoples’ expectations up. But it’s also important to know that before you judge someone, keep in mind that they probably don’t portray their whole life on social media, that it’s ok to change one’s mind and that the entrepreneurial journey is not straight.


It’s not until now that I’ve found my field to start my entrepreneurial career with. I used to have three to four projects that I wanted to work on besides my regular job. If you have ever started a business, I’m pretty sure that you agree that just ONE project requires a lot of your time. Finally I understand that I have to narrow down my projects to maximum two, to work persistently, consistently and to believe in my vision for them 100%. I have to really really love what I do and also adjust it to my current life situation. So I found out that I want to work with writing, something I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

How did I come to this conclusion? Funny thing is, I found my niche, my deep belief and consistent work flow during my social media break. For almost a month now, I have solely focused on writing this blog and working. No pressure to post good pictures on Instagram that receives a good amount of likes, no reading unnecessary articles on Facebook about three traits in your partner that will doom your relationship, no major distractions. During this period I’ve improved my content, gotten crazy opportunities through focusing on the right things, started getting clients to my freelance business, found a better connection to my own soul and found what I have to improve in my personality. It’s been a very healthy month and I recommend the person who doesn’t know where to start to;

  • Take a month break from things that distracts you, like social media
  • Spend time alone to hear your thoughts and intuition clearly
  • When you know there’s something you love doing, dedicate yourself to this thing only
  • Work a little every day and appreciate every little success
  • A clear vision, belief in yourself and your idea and persistent hard work will get you there
  • Feed your mind with healthy things like educational articles and videos
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Keep doing these things and it will compound!

I’m still interested in a million things, but starting with writing is a perfect start. When I’ve reached the success I want with this, I might start something in a completely different field. Richard Branson started with a record label. Now, look at all the areas he’s covering with Virgin!

Good luck wish finding your niche. If you already have, please share one of your secret in the comments below. It might help someone find theirs! 🙂