Have you ever felt like you’re ambitious but you need a kick in the butt now and then to really start working? I think many of us feel like this once in a while. I’ve been thinking about mentoring a lot but have I got one? Actually, I don’t! I would love to help young ambitious people when I’m older with a lot of expertise, but right now I need a mentor myself.

While looking for someone I can have actual regular contact with (I think Richard Branson might be too busy for little Andrea), I can still be mentored in a way by famous role models. What you can do is that you regularly watch interviews, read texts and listen to podcasts by these people (if they have any of these).

We all have special people we look up to, whether they are in our field or not. Maybe it’s just their philosophy that gets us hooked. Some of my female role models are Isabella Löwengrip (young Swedish multi-entrepreneur), Michelle Phan (American beauty entrepreneur) and Lady Gaga (American artist). Why do they inspire me?

Isabella Löwengrip


Löwengrip started a blog at the age of 14, turned it into her first business at the age of 16 and has since started ten businesses (she’s currently 25). She started out young and that’s why I relate to her. I would love to be almost like her when I’m 25, which is in less than 6 years. Follow her blog at, there’s English translation!

Michelle Phan

michelle phan

She’s such an artist. And I love how she implements art into her business. I’m a lover of art as well and I am determined to have very artistic buinesses. Her youtube channel can be found at

Lady Gaga


Surprised to find her here? Don’t be. I’m a fan since 2008, which means since I was 12 years old. And why I’m still a fan is because of her passion for music, art and making the world a kinder place. Her philosophies mixed with her artistic way of being a pop star inspires me. I often say that her album Born This Way is my strengthening album because the songs are dark but still there’s light in this darkness. Just like a person has a dark side but should embrace it and love themselves as they are. Whenever I need power, I listen to this album and feel like I am Superwoman.

Who inspires you?



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