Quick Follow Up and New Weekly Goals

Okay, I’m officially ready for November! I’m done moving, I’ve got better wifi and I’m close to the center of Paris.

I have about two hours before I have to leave for a business meeting so I’ll do a quick post about last week’s and this week’s goals.

Work goals:

Done: I had four work days at home and I followed the productivity program as well as I could. Maybe this one is a half done goal.

Not done: I didn’t work more on projects. I kind of worked 50/50 with the projects and the personal branding. But I really want the personal branding to be 20% and the projects 80% of the time when I’m working. And I didn’t send a document with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris because I’m presenting them on a meeting today instead.

Social media goals:

Done: Pretty much everything. I hit 4,5k on Instagram, I have been posting every day and I think I’ve posted good content both on the Instagram and the blog. Hopefully you agree!

Paris goals:

Not done: Didn’t really turn out to be 1 hour French a day, but I’m getting better at being consistent with the studying.

Health goals:

Done: I’ve eaten balanced and varied almost every day so I count that as an accomplished goal. Sunday was the only day that consisted of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut…

Not done: The training of course. I shall get better.

Weekly goals week 45:

Work goals:

  • Have five work days (doesn’t have to be full work days as long as I’m productive); three days launching, one day for P1 and one day for P2
  • Try to focus work on morning and afternoon
  • 80% projects and 20% personal branding
  • Follow the productivity program even better

Social media goals:

  • Hit 5k on Instagram

Paris goals:

  • Study a little bit of French every day, focus on studying in the evening
  • Try visit new places while I live in the city
  • Get a French number

Health goals:

  • Shop new gym supplies
  • Prepare for meal prepping starting next week
  • Look at gyms and maybe get a subscription

Ok, that’s it! I would like to say that even if I take my goals seriously, I sometimes let life come in the way because I feel it’s important to live life too. You can’t plan too much. My goal with these goals is to accomplish at least 80% of them every week. As long as I’m moving forward and I’m happy, it’s all good.

I got to get ready now. Cheers x AE ❤


Weekly Goals (Week 44)

It’s Tuesday, but whatever! Here’s my goals for this week;

Work goals:

  • Have at least four full work days at home (every other day)
  • Work more on projects, less on personal branding
  • Send an email with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris
  • Follow the Productivity Program

Social media goals:

  • Be more consistent with posts on Instagram
  • Hit 4,5k followers on Instagram
  • Put out good content on the blog that readers appreciate and find helpful/inspiring

Paris goals:

  • Study one hour of French every day (online course, Duolingo, videos)

Health goals:

  • Eat balanced and varied
  • Do the 2WW from the Productivity Program, and at least three days should be a real work out

As you can see, my goals are somewhat easier this week. Or just less than last week. So far it’s going really good! Have a productive day x AE ❤

P.S. Read about my third week in France on http://www.instagram.com/ms.eriksson!

Follow up on this Week’s Goals

So while sipping my (of course) cappuccino, enjoying Spotify’s list ‘A Creative Day at Work’ and letting my fanatsy flow, I thought about what day it is – Sunday! It’s been a whole week since I stated my weekly goals. This day is not over though, but I’m going to go through them anyway;

Work goals:

Done – I had a successful meeting regarding a potential job/project and I’m very very excited to see where this leads. I could be part of something big and can’t even imaginge how much I can learn from this!

Not done – Pretty much the rest. I haven’t finished the ‘foundations’ of P1 and P2. But I’ve come up with new goals surrounding them and will share them tomorrow. I haven’t really done much to improve Ms.Eriksson. I didn’t do a job searching plan either since I feel like this project I was having a metting about is the job I really want.

Social Media goals:

Done – I hit 4K on Instagram! Wohoo. Even though I wasn’t very consistent with my posts. If you are a follower, then thank you! :* I’ve also gained more activity on my Facebook page and attracted more readers to the blog. Very happy about that!

Not done – The engagement is pretty much the same on Instagram and I haven’t really done anything to get it up since I was, like I said, inconsistent. I haven’t reached 50 likes on Facebook and I haven’t posted three times a day on the blog.

Paris goals:

Done – I’ve got an apartment for the rest of the year, which feels good. I’m going to share it with a friend but have my own room which I feel is ok. I get some kind of privacy. I’ll look for my own own place for the beginning of next year! I also did some more ‘sightseeing’ this week compared to last week. I’ve been to some more of the city parts called Temple, Hôtel de Ville, Panthéon and Luxembourg (also known as arrondissement 3, 4, 5 and 6). I’ve tasted more of the food and I still haven’t been disappointed. (More about my third week and French food tomorrow on http://www.instagram.com/ms.eriksson).

Not done – I’m still not done with the first three weeks on my seven-week course in French. I better hurry, because the fourth week’s tasks arrives tomorrow!

Health goals:

Done – I’ve bought pretty good food and have eaten properly. I plan to take a step further next week!

Not done – The training of course…

Phew. I’ve learned what I’m capable of and what I’m lazy about. Do you want me to continue the weekly goals? I promise I’ll be better at achieving them!

I’ll continue working now. Peace x AE ❤