Visualizing Routines

I am a strong believer in visualizing, so I’d like to share my way of visualizing.

I do a daily visualizing in the morning. I do a to-do list but I ‘decide’ how the tasks will go. Example;

Thursday November 26th – To do

  1. Have a really good, steady and energizing breakfast
  2. Go to the meeting in Opéra, in a convenient outfit and be there in time
  3. Have a successful meeting and get much out of it

And so on. I can be even more detailed about the tasks. And then I do an overall visualizing every Monday. I divide life into six aspects;

Family/Relationship Career Social life Health Lifestyle Short term goals

It’s very individual what your life’s keys are. These happen to be mine. I try to write down my gratitude, visions and wishes for each aspect. Someone’s vision about family/relationship could be like this;

Family/Relationship; I am grateful for my parents, my little brother and all my caring relatives. I am grateful for all the love they give me every day of the year. I want to be able to retire my parents within five years. I want to help my brother pay his tuition. 

I am grateful to have my fiancee’s love and to be able to spend every day with her by my side. I want us to spend many happy years together and for us to build a happy family within the next years. So shall it be.

Every night I look at my overall visualizing and write down improvements I’ve made, improvements I have to make and goals surrounding it. This way I’m always having the important parts of my life in focus.

Do you visualize? How do you do it? Let me know!

Off to a fun day of work! 😀 x AE ❤

Baby Steps

I’m currently trying to focus on getting something done instead of everything. Just like Darren Hardy says; “Small changes add up big results”. You’ll see results even if you just work a little every day. As long as you’re consistent. And I’ve really felt it since last week. I’m doing a little on every project every day and I feel like I’m going somewhere for real.

Things are starting to happen regarding work and I’m diving into research for P1. Looks like the upcoming days will be busy. This is basically what I’ve been doing;

Work and food. But I’m happy x AE ❤


Have you ever felt like you’re ambitious but you need a kick in the butt now and then to really start working? I think many of us feel like this once in a while. I’ve been thinking about mentoring a lot but have I got one? Actually, I don’t! I would love to help young ambitious people when I’m older with a lot of expertise, but right now I need a mentor myself.

While looking for someone I can have actual regular contact with (I think Richard Branson might be too busy for little Andrea), I can still be mentored in a way by famous role models. What you can do is that you regularly watch interviews, read texts and listen to podcasts by these people (if they have any of these).

We all have special people we look up to, whether they are in our field or not. Maybe it’s just their philosophy that gets us hooked. Some of my female role models are Isabella Löwengrip (young Swedish multi-entrepreneur), Michelle Phan (American beauty entrepreneur) and Lady Gaga (American artist). Why do they inspire me?

Isabella Löwengrip


Löwengrip started a blog at the age of 14, turned it into her first business at the age of 16 and has since started ten businesses (she’s currently 25). She started out young and that’s why I relate to her. I would love to be almost like her when I’m 25, which is in less than 6 years. Follow her blog at, there’s English translation!

Michelle Phan

michelle phan

She’s such an artist. And I love how she implements art into her business. I’m a lover of art as well and I am determined to have very artistic buinesses. Her youtube channel can be found at

Lady Gaga


Surprised to find her here? Don’t be. I’m a fan since 2008, which means since I was 12 years old. And why I’m still a fan is because of her passion for music, art and making the world a kinder place. Her philosophies mixed with her artistic way of being a pop star inspires me. I often say that her album Born This Way is my strengthening album because the songs are dark but still there’s light in this darkness. Just like a person has a dark side but should embrace it and love themselves as they are. Whenever I need power, I listen to this album and feel like I am Superwoman.

Who inspires you?


A Week of Silence

A week has gone since I last posted. What has happened?

I had a fun day on Tuesday, two days working from home and the Friday. Friday the 13th. A day where it all started so well. A day where I went to many beautiful places in Paris with my friends, discussed travelling, love and self-confidence. Me and my roommate decided on having a night in with chips and a nostalgic game of the Sims. We laughed at our obsession with chips and were excited to create ourselves in the game. Two teenage girls recreating our childhood memories.

A *bing* from my phone and a horrifying news – there had been a shooting in Paris. But it didn’t end there. It got worse and worse, more and more details, more and more panic. I started receiving messages on iMessages, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat… everywhere. People asking if I was ok. If I was close to the ongoing bloodbath. And yes I was close, but luckily I was home and safe. But as the number of dead increased I felt sadder and sadder. I felt helpless. We both did. I stayed up late to stay updated on the chaos that was shaking my city. Eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up to a grey Paris with a sad atmosphere. We dared us out to church, to pray and light candles. To talk and to feel like we did something. All in all, this weekend was tough. I barely felt like playing music. It’s still tough. But we have to get back on our feet and fight harder for a peaceful world. For the innocent people dying everyday.

This week I will try to focus on moving on, keep living and to work even harder. I need some time to accelerate. Last week was a week of silence and I’m asking you to accept another one. Hopefully it will lead to posts with better quality next week. I will still post once a day on Instagram (

Thank you for understanding and have a beautiful week x AE ❤

Sunday Reflections

I love Sundays.

You want to know why? Because I live in a world that’s always in motion. I’m in this new country, new city with a new language with new people and a new occupation. I’m constantly learning new things about friendship, love and the adult life in general. I learn what’s important and what’s less important for a happy life. During Monday to Saturday I experience a lot. Take last week as an example. I moved to a new environment. From peaceful little French community to a vibrant, living part of Paris. I went from living alone to having roommates for the first time in my life. I took night walks with friends by the Eiffel Tower and the Seine, I went out and tasted new food and new drinks at new bars and new restaurants. I had both really really good food, and really really bad food. I subscribed to new motivational channels, made a plan for one of my projects and set a launch date. I started researching about a new area I want to dive into. I had a meeting that made me think of the future and work. I had quality time with some people and got closer to them.

So much can happen to you in one day. In one week. And what I just love to do on the last day of the week, my beloved Sunday, is to put on my most comfortable clothes, put my hair up, make some tea and just… reflect. I look back on the week and think about what worked and what didn’t. It’s so so powerful to just clear your mind, write down your thoughts and experiences, see what you learn from them and how you will proceed. Last week I learned more about my life situation, what I should do this week to improve it. My relationships, my health, my own entrepreneurial work. When you reflect you might also feel gratitude to many things you have in your life. Take that time to be thankful. Before aiming higher you should think of all the aspects of your life you really appreciate.

This post might have been all over the place, but I hope you could sense my message anyway! A day for relaxation, reflecting, visualization and planning can only do you good. Sunday is perfect for this. The last day of the week and the day before next week. I will now apply all my new realizations to this week. Happy Monday! x AE ❤

Passion for Writing

Back from my little shopping round and ready to take on something new;

Freelance writing.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and now I’m going to try it for real. I’m not saying I’m an excellent writer, but I’ve loved writing since I was quite small and languages has always been an interest. So why not try?

I will do some research for sites and then try writing some smaller pieces. I’ll let you know how it goes. Do you have any suggestions or experiences from freelance writing? Don’t hesitate to let me know!

Since I’m only giving you boring posts about myself, you should head over to and feel inspired 😉

Much love x AE ❤

A fully booked Thursday

It’s already Thursday, guys. Where did half of the week go?

Anyway, I have a pretty fully booked day ahead of me. First I’m off to do some some simple shopping and to get some information about what documents I have to bring to get a French number. Then I’ll head home again to do a few hours of work regarding freelance writing. When my roommate’s done at work I’ll met her and a few other friends close to the Effiel Tower to have a chat and a drink. A very nice, and Parisian way to end the day.

Now I’m going to finish my tea, take a quick look at my vision boards and get ready for shopping. Which means comfortable clothes and sneakers. Dressed classy as a Parisian woman, what is that?

x AE ❤

Quick Follow Up and New Weekly Goals

Okay, I’m officially ready for November! I’m done moving, I’ve got better wifi and I’m close to the center of Paris.

I have about two hours before I have to leave for a business meeting so I’ll do a quick post about last week’s and this week’s goals.

Work goals:

Done: I had four work days at home and I followed the productivity program as well as I could. Maybe this one is a half done goal.

Not done: I didn’t work more on projects. I kind of worked 50/50 with the projects and the personal branding. But I really want the personal branding to be 20% and the projects 80% of the time when I’m working. And I didn’t send a document with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris because I’m presenting them on a meeting today instead.

Social media goals:

Done: Pretty much everything. I hit 4,5k on Instagram, I have been posting every day and I think I’ve posted good content both on the Instagram and the blog. Hopefully you agree!

Paris goals:

Not done: Didn’t really turn out to be 1 hour French a day, but I’m getting better at being consistent with the studying.

Health goals:

Done: I’ve eaten balanced and varied almost every day so I count that as an accomplished goal. Sunday was the only day that consisted of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut…

Not done: The training of course. I shall get better.

Weekly goals week 45:

Work goals:

  • Have five work days (doesn’t have to be full work days as long as I’m productive); three days launching, one day for P1 and one day for P2
  • Try to focus work on morning and afternoon
  • 80% projects and 20% personal branding
  • Follow the productivity program even better

Social media goals:

  • Hit 5k on Instagram

Paris goals:

  • Study a little bit of French every day, focus on studying in the evening
  • Try visit new places while I live in the city
  • Get a French number

Health goals:

  • Shop new gym supplies
  • Prepare for meal prepping starting next week
  • Look at gyms and maybe get a subscription

Ok, that’s it! I would like to say that even if I take my goals seriously, I sometimes let life come in the way because I feel it’s important to live life too. You can’t plan too much. My goal with these goals is to accomplish at least 80% of them every week. As long as I’m moving forward and I’m happy, it’s all good.

I got to get ready now. Cheers x AE ❤