♕ Stockholm Baby ♕

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How have my two first weeks been? Well thank you for asking! It’s been quite calm. My focus has not been to see every friend, to go out party and go wild. On the contrary. I’ve given myself some time to get used to everything again. Sweden and France are two very different countries. I’ve also allowed myself some peace from the calm surroundings of Lidingö, where I live. And then also to get back to my basic routines and plan the future ✨

Planning the future means new quarterly goals, refined long term goals, planning for the rest of this year and where to go next after Stockholm and Happy Careerista.

I have big plans for HC. I’ve always had. I’m now working on a more specific plan to make HC even better and reach out to more people. Once I’m done and happy with my plan, I’ll tell you more about what’s in the making!😍

Here’s a little list of things I’ve missed about my home country;

  • The soft bread
    • I know! France has amazing bread. I ate more baguettes than ever in my life during my time there. But when I had bought a nice bread and took several days to finish it by myself, it got so hard that I often had to throw the rest away to the birds. Eventually, I started to miss the Swedish soft loafs of bread and the flat bread from the Northern parts of the country. Mmm.
  • Speaking Swedish
    • As a linguist, I love speaking English and learning French. But after weeks of speaking English and French only, speaking Swedish can be so liberating. I can speak without making an effort to pronounce the words right or think about grammar before speaking. Sometimes, speaking your native language can be such a relief!
  • My family & friends
    • I of course missed my mother and my friends. These people know me so well, I can be myself and goofy around them and seeing some of them to catch up has been so interesting. So many of us have been out travelling and have grown as people.
  • The tap water
    • We take our tap water for granted. It’s such a simple thig. But it tastes so good here!
  • The smell and the sound of the subway
    • This is probably just me, but I love the smell and the whistling sound of the subway in Stockholm. Not to mention the space in the trains! There’s always somewhere to sit 😀
  • The Swedish summer
    • How can I explain this? It’s not tropical heat (well ok sometimes), no palm trees and sandy beaches. But there’s something about a good old Swedish summer. Cool breezes at rocky beaches, cool water, home baked cinnamon buns, strawberry juice, BBQ’s, fresh smell of nature, long sunny days… There’s a charm in sitting at the beach at 10 pm in the evening when it’s still sunny.


I also want to take this opportunity to say how heartbroken I am about the recent terror attacks and violence in France, Turkey and Germany. I hope with all my heart that kindness and love will one day prevail. That people of all races, religions and sexual orientations can live together in harmony. I know that a lot of people think that this has never worked and will never work. But it’s my dream.

“A soldier dies
A mother cries
The promised child shines in a baby’s eyes
All nations sing
Let’s harmonize all around the world”

– Michael Jackson




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