How am I a Careerista?

How am I a Careerista-.jpg

A question I can imagine many of you have is; “how are you a careerista?” or “I don’t see a lot of career related content?”.

Perfectly understandable. Let me clearify.

At the moment I have a regular daily job which is not aligned with my career goals really, but more because I have to work to pay my bills. On the side I have my freelance business where I write, translate and help with social media management or customer service. And then I have this blog which is not a business… yet. I have big plans for this brand 😉

I work around 10 hours in total with the freelance business and this blog. Right now these are the only career related things I focus on. For the next coming weeks I will unfortunatly write mostly about my philosophies and my stay in Paris. When back in Stockholm, I will probably gradually write more about my career as I plan to work with something closer to my career goals. Right now my life is not the most exciting to take pictures of and show you. As you might have seen, I work from home with my business and that’s basically it. I try to share some photos of the fun things I do in Paris though!

So if you come here mainly because of interest in business, success and career – I’m sorry but the blog will lack this type of content for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

I hope you gain something from my other topics!



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