Gypsy Life ♡


I am a lover of my home country, Sweden. I love my city, Stockholm. This will always be my true home. But I’m also an exploring soul. I want to not only travel, but to move around a lot in my twenties. When I was 19 and was planning my little adventure Paris, I also thought of other places I wanted to live in. I thought; “why not spend the next few years moving around to countries I want to try the life in?”. I still agree on that idea. My life in Paris is coming to an end and I’ll move home to Stockholm. But only for a few months. Then I want to continue to the UK. And then…

Los Angeles, New York, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and maybe even Japan and Singapore. Without chronological order.

I identify so much with Lady Gaga’s song “Gypsy”. I want to move around, explore cultures and traditions, learn languages, connect with people all over the world. I’ve always been a curious person and a sucker for experiences. Right now I’m free. Right now I’m alone. I don’t want to be alone forever, but I can be right now. I can travel around by myself until I find someone who wants to come along. I want to move around until I choose to settle down somewhere in the world to build a family.

I’ve always felt like my path was unlike many others’. I don’t want to be locked in a university for 3-5 years. I want life to be my university. Does anyone feel me?




4 thoughts on “Gypsy Life ♡

  1. I really like this post! I enjoy travelling too although I’m not as brave as you and I haven’t lived anywhere but England. This post is very inspiring and who knows maybe I’ll branch out too.
    P.S. When you make it to the UK give me a shout!


    • Hey thank you for your comment! I love your blog too, and the header is very royal, beautiful 😉 I will definitely! I’m actually going to London! x


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