Methods for Visualizing your Goals

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I know I keep preaching about visualization. And you know what? I’m not gonna stop!

Today I want to help you out there who wants to start visualizing but can’t find a good method. We are all different. Some find it really easy to just sit down, cross their legs and disappear into their vision as if they are already living it. I’m one of them and I’m really grateful for this ability. I’ve always been a dreamer and this helps me visualize my goals for the future now that I’m an adult. But this is not easy for everyone. Some will feel distracted by other thoughts and can’t really sit still. Then there are some other methods to try out;

See your vision with a vision board

Pictures say more than a thousand words, right? If you’re one of those who can feel all these words by just looking at a picture, a vision board might be the best way for you to visualize. Just find the images that symbolize your goals and put them up on your board. The board should be hanging on a place you pass every day so that you always can see your vision.


Hear your vision by reading it out

Reading things out loud can have a huge impact on you. Why don’t you write down your vision on a peace of paper or on a note on your phone or computer. When it’s time to visualize, you make sure you’re in a quite space, focus fully on the text and read it out loud to yourself. By reading you will always see it in your mind. Clever, right?

Paint up your vision by writing

If you love writing and you have no problem spending a few minutes doing so, you could always write. Either you write your goals simple and precise or you paint up a scenario of when you achieve that goal. A tip could be to get a notebook just for writing about your vision.

If you want to be go all hard core on visualizing, you could do them all! I do them all depending on which state I’m in. If I’m not calm enough to just sit down and visualize in my head, writing could be better. Sometimes I read my vision out loud instead or look at my vision board. It’s all about finding what works for you.


Happy visualizing!




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