Preparing for Paris – An Instagram Journey


You might notice that I was up at almost 4 am in the morning. Yes I was. I was sleepy but couldn’t fall asleep anyway. Then I got the fantastic idea to check when I posted my first Instagram picture on HappyCareerista. 21st of May, 2013 (Exactly 3 years before TEDxIHEParis!). I started looking through my pictures and then got to the first picture where I mentioned my plan of moving to Paris. I decided to go here when I was in London for New Years and I planned to go after graduating high school. I really got obsessed with this goal of mine. That’s probably why I also achieved it. Here are some screenshots proving my obsession from the first mention of Paris to a few days after getting here. Enjoy 😂

The first time I mentioned my new dream was in January last year. This is when I started research for real.

I had already started watching videos learning some French since I didn’t know much at all! Then I downloaded apps, found really good Youtube channels and studied for about 30 minutes a day. I really tried to be consistent and learned really fast!

Commuting was one of the best opportunities to visualize about this city in the South.

And at some point this happened. Not stereotypical at all! But that party was fun and except for when everyone tried to eat my baguette…

Ask and you shall receive. During my 8 months in Paris, I’ve lived in 5 (!) different places and Montmartre was one of them!

Paris. Paris everywhere!

These are still places I want to live in. I can also add California, Australia and the Netherlands. I will probably add more countries and cities like Japan in the future.#ExploreTheWorld

I didn’t have much money or knowledge of French or even of living on my own! But I made it.

Always counted the days.

Even tried to celebrate the national day all the way from Stockholm.

Did I mentioned that I was obsessed with this idea?

I don’t think I realized what I was going to do until it got this close. I had worked so hard to save up money. And finally the plane ticket and the apartment were booked and it all got very real.

And finally the goodbye dinner with friends came and I would two days later take my bags and go to France for the first time and all by myself. One of the scariest and most exciting things I’ve done so far.

Et voila! A dream came true in 10 months ❤ Nothing is impossible!



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