Mood Boosters

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I feel like I’ve become an expert in trying to boost my mood lately. Of course I let myself feel emotions like sadness but not too long. Hours of feeling down is not going to be a habit for me. So I try to cheer myself up after a while. Here are some of my favorite things to do to feel better and happier in the moment;

  • Identify what you’re “suffering” from or what makes you feel down. Search for videos about this topic on Youtube and perhaps find a good TED Talk to cheer you up. Here’s one that cheered me up once about emotional pain and mental health.
  • Listen to songs that fill you up with energy and strength. Listen on repeat if you have to and just disappeared into the music! Some songs that boost me right now are “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake and “Alter Ego” by Minus One.
  • Writing! If you haven’t noticed already, I love to write. Either I write down my thoughts, how I’m feeling or small stories about how I want my future to look like.
  • Read a personal development book of your choice. You don’t have to force yourself to start a thick and old one. You can also get a short but giving one.
  • Watch Feel Good-movies.
  • Find interesting events with free entrence.
  • Invite a close friend, cook and talk talk talk.
  • Look for happiness apps, like Happify. It has games and exercices for you to deal with stress, unhappiness, negative thoughts and more.
  • Find an animal to cuddle with. If you don’t have a pet, search for a cat café, or ask someone who has a pet to babysit it!
  • Find a project and put your heart and soul into it.

I hope you can use at least one of these methods to cheer yourself up!




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