Update on TEDx

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A month ago I announced being part of a TEDx team here in Paris and preparing an event in May. Back then, we had only revealed one speaker. Now we have changed venue (to a really beautiful one!) and revealed 8 out of 9 speakers. It’s time for an update.

Why is TEDxIHEParis Unique?

The very special thing about TEDxIHEParis is that it’s the only TEDx event in Paris which is fully in English. The team is very international. We come from different cultures and countries, have different religions and different sexual orientations. And trust me, the event will reflect this diversity. The idea is also to have speakers from all of the world’s corners sharing their global ideas with the audience, which we believe will also be a fun mix. The audience will of course contain of lovely French people, but also expats, students and other international people living in or visiting Paris. Paris is actually one of the cities in the world with most international students and we want them to be able to enjoy a TEDx event fully with us.

The Speakers


Read more about their biographies and talks at http://www.tedxiheparis.fr/speakers/

The Venue

We decided to change the venue to the gorgeous Théâtre de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It’s a beautiful, glamorous theater which will definitely set the mood at May 21st!


How am I involved?

I try to assist where I’m needed and I try to be a consistent support to the organizer. What I focus on, though, is content management. I run the Twitter– and the Instagram accounts. I also write the newsletter which is sent out every second Thursday morning. You can sign up at www.tedxiheparis.fr 🙂

Want to Attend and Join us on the Journey to Change the World?

The event is held from 14 PM to 19 PM  Saturday May 21st in the heart of Paris, France. Tickets are still available at www.tedxiheparis.fr/book-your-tickets. After the event there is also a possibility to join us at a networking after party at Belushi’s Gare du Nord!

Attend the event on Facebook for updates; https://www.facebook.com/events/1677223675860068/

Hope to see you there!



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