Twenty.jpgSome accomplishments and experiences in my the last few years;

  • At 16 I read my first personal development book and it changed my life
  • At 16 I got into my dream school
  • At 17 I met social innovators that are nationally known in Sweden
  • At 19 I registered my first company
  • At 19 I moved abroad by myself
  • At 19 I moved to my own apartment and payed rent and bills all by myself
  • At 19 I attended my first TEDx and became a part of a TEDx team
  • At 20 I have loads of international friends I communicate with regularly
  • At 20 I have had 10 jobs and 6 internships
  • At 20 I speak 4 languages (two fluently)

The second half of my teenage was the most evolving one. At 16 I had a switch that turned me from shy girl and insecure to a tough, flirtatious, proud and confident woman. At 17 I was growing my network and exploring my creative side plus getting in contact with so many cool people like nationally known entrepreneurs. At 18 I grew even more as woman and adult, had one of the best years of my life where I did so many fun things. At 19 I grew the most – I graduated and experienced a new form of freedom by moving abroad by myself. I developed in many domains – career, relationships, spiritually etc.

And today I’m 20. A new era. A decade that will be so special. The decade where I build my career, build stability to my life, accomplish great goals and even start my own family. I’m so blessed to have experienced all that I have, I’m blessed to be alive and I’m so excited for the twenties.

Entering my twenties, I have a strong feeling of wanting to focus on what matters. This has always been me, but even stronger now. Yesterday I told my friend; “I wanna have real people, travel, delicious food, creative career and fun parties ๐Ÿ˜›”. And it’s true. I wish that my twenties and the rest of life is full of true love, amazing experiences and endless opportunities.

Thank you to those who has wished me a happy birthday so far. You’re the absolute best!


I’m still young though… ๐Ÿ˜‰



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