Friday April 15th

Friday April 15th.png


Yesterday I tried to take photos throughout the day to let you “follow me around”. Here’s what it resulted in;

As soon as I got up I had a glass of fresh water. This always makes me feel more awake and good. To get me in a peaceful state of mind, I put on one of my favorite channels for meditation – JBittersweet. This doesn’t just help me feel more calm and peaceful but also increases my oxygen intake as I breathe deeper. I follow this up with visualization of my quarterly goals. I read every “statement” out load and picture it in front of me with closed eyes. When I’m done I overview my weekly goals to get an idea on what to focus on during the day.

After breakfast and shower, I treated myself some home made body oil as I’m not so into my current lotion. Easily made with olive oil (coconut is another great alternative) and one or more essential oils. I chose gardenia for this one. The skin gets sooo soft.



After getting dressed and ready, I walked a few minutes in the sun to Parc Monceau in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. There I met two friends for a chat, coffee, crêpe and walk. This park is lovely with ruins and green grass. It’s so wonderful to have the spring here with sunshine almost every day.


After a cafe crème and a crêpe Nutella, I was ready to sit down and work for a few hours. Got a lot of writing and designing done especially – and also some business development for my freelance business and this blog.

After many hours of work, I closed the computer and tried to create a nice Friday dinner + drinks look. As it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve decided to postpone the celebration a few weeks, my friends still wanted to take me out for dinner. We went to Belleville which is very famous for its Asian restaurants everywhere. We ended up at Gao Min and we had a lovely time. Moved on to drinks at a bar close by and talked to both Brits and a very cute but uncomfortable dog. I don’t think he enjoyed the buzz as much as his human.

The group of four split in two and two and went to different parties. I enjoyed lounge house, punch and two fellow Swedes from midnight to morning, at La Rotonde in Stalingrad. A taxi home and a cozy, welcoming bed. That way my Friday.

I will try to do these more if it’s appreciated!



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