Easy Visualization

Dear fellow workaholic, I know that you don’t feel like you have much time over to sit with your legs crossed on the floor with your phone on airplane mode and raindrop sounds in the background. 30 minutes of meditation and visualization can actually be too much for you. It might even take longer because you have to reach a certain peaceful state in order to concentrate fully.

I get it. 30 minutes can be much for me too. But what if you start out simple? Don’t neglect visualization. Just make it simpler. And then take it from there.

When you know that you have an hour or two to spare, do the rough work by writing two vision sheets; one for the quarter and one for five years. The long term one can be less detailed and more like a set of ultimate life goals like buying a house in the mountains and living the rest of your life there. The short term sheet, however, should be more detailed. Write about the important aspects of your life like yourself (physically, psychologically and spiritually), friendships, relationships, career, lifestyle, finances etc. Write as if you have already achieved your goals. “I have my dream body which is a toned, healthy body”. “Me and my partner are happier than ever”. “My business has doubled its profit”.

Then you take a piece of paper and write “On June 30th…” And then 1-3 lines summing up your goals in each aspect. This means by the 30th of June, you will have a toned, healthy body and that your business has doubled its profit. Now your goals have a deadline; the end of the quarter.

Now choose one day of the week where you will, and really will, make time to read and visualize your vision sheets. It can be a Sunday, Monday or whichever day that suits you best. Rest of the week you read your goals out loud and visualize them from the paper. You can choose to do this exercise whenever it suits you best. And if you really want to go hardcore on visualization, you can do the exercise both in the morning and evening.

An important thing is that you really have to feel and believe what you’re reading. It might take practice, so don’t worry. Make this exercise even simpler if you have to, like reading just one aspect every day and then read more and more. Most important thing with visualization is that it’s consistent, felt and believed in.

May all your dreams come true and good luck❤️



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