The Four Loves

I have for a long time believed in four different but all so important loves. One of my ultimate goals is to find them all, and life long ones. Have you found them yet? Let’s see;


Is self-love egoism? I’m not preaching a life run by your ego. I’m preaching about your soul. The true you. Loving yourself is being connected to your true you and to fully accept yourself. This is the foundation you need to have a positive life. You need to be truly grateful to your body who carries you, grateful for your senses that makes you able to smell, feel, see, hear and taste, grateful for your uniqueness and what makes you you. Embracing your areas of improvement and working on yourself on a regular basis. To not give yourself or your body hatred. When you are proud, caring and loving towards yourself – that’s when magical things happen!


True friendships

Most of us live up until 80-90, and during this long life we meet an enormous amount of people. Only a small percentage will be true life long friends (unless you’re especially lucky). My advice to you is to put your focus on the friends that really care for you. Those who are with you through thick and thin. It’s important to think quality over quantity. I promise that three top quality friends are far better than ten superficial ones who won’t make much effort as friends when you really need one. Having at least a few, or maybe just one, true friendship will help you enjoy life to the fullest and you’ll also feel more comfortable being yourself.


A loving family

Family are people who will hopefully stay by your side their whole life. Not everyone are born with a complete loving family. I am one of those kids who grew with one parent, no grandparents, no uncles, aunts or even siblings. I’m alright, but because I grew up like this my dream is to create my own little happy family and in time a big family for my children and their children to grow up in. Having a loving family to catch you when you fall, who gives you nothing but love and care no matter what is something we all deserve.


A true life partner

This might be the hardest love to find of them all and sometimes you need to “kiss many frogs” before you find your true life partner. The science of love and partnership interests me very much. I don’t have the right formula on how to find this person or what makes someone a true life partner. I think we all have different truths depending on our experiences, preferences, ages, cultures etc. But I also think there are many common traits in happy long term relationships. Right now my theory is that a life partner is someone who is your best friend, that you feel a deep inexplicable connection to, someone you feel happiness with even when doing the daily chores, someone who shares your core values and has a similar vision as you.


Do you agree with the four loves? Have you found them all? Which are you missing? If you’re missing some, it’s because you are yet to meet them 🙂 It’s all about belief.


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