Six Beautiful Months in Paris

Today I celebrate 6 months in Paris. 6 months living abroad, 6 months away from Sweden, 6 months of having to take care of myself completely. And what a ride it has been! I’ve experienced, learned and seen so much. I’ve learned new things about myself, about the world, about love, about what really matters. This is just the beginning as I would like to live abroad for a few more years, if not forever. If it’s in France or somewhere else, I’m not sure yet. I trust that I will be lead right anyway. Since I’m buried in work, I will have to wait with cultures differences, things I’ve loved, dislikes etc for another post. If you’re interested in Paris related posts, let me know!

Although I’ve been here for a half year, I haven’t done these things yet;

– Gone to any museums

– Gone to Versailles

– Been at Galleries Lafayette or Printemps

– Gone on a canal boat on Seine

– Entered Sacré Coeur

So I still have lots to do and explore here. Paris, I’m not done with you!

Je t’aime❤️🇫🇷❤️


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