Walking Streets of Paris

From yesterday, I’ve been running around a lot. Yesterday morning I signed the contract for my new studio and got the keys. The rain was pouring and I got home completely soaked. One can wonder why I didn’t bring my umbrella. That reminds me of my first day in Paris.

I’ve been using the few hours at home for work work work. I’ve met up with friends/business contacts. And yesterday evening I treated myself with a concert together with two girlfriends. We saw The 1975 at L’olympia and it gave some energy for the busy weekend.

I’ve planned the rest of the week for moving, cleaning, work and meeting with the TEDx team. And wow it’s already Friday!

There are a few weeks of intensive work in front of me. But I know that it will pay off and it will be so worth it. I see travel, fun experiences and crazy opportunities ahead. 

By the way, if you’re a TEDx fan, I hope you haven’t missed that I’m participating in the creation of TEDxIHEParis’ second show! It’s taking place at Cité des Sciences in 19th arrondissement of Paris, may 21st and today we reveal the 3rd out of 10 speakers! You don’t want to miss it since our speakers all have different and inspiring stories to tell! Check it out at http://www.tedxiheparis.fr 🇫🇷

Alors, bon week-end! I apologize for bad updating this weekend, but it will be very very busy… Much love x


2 thoughts on “Walking Streets of Paris

    • I just searched for like minded friends here in Paris in a Facebook group and the organizer contacted me… And for some reason he offered me to be a part of the team!☺️


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