How do you describe excitement? It’s like you’re a carbonated, fizzy soda. You have butterflies in your belly. You can’t sit still. Your mind is active and produces idea after idea.

That’s how I’m feeling right now!

I’m so excited for what April, May and June have to offer! Q1 has been challenging in different domains of my life but I’ve gotten closer to myself and my why. Here’s some exciting things that will happen (at least the things I know/think will happen!) during Q2;


  • I turn 20 years old!
  • I move to my own place after a few months with a roommate
  • I launch into a new project


  • TEDxIHEParis event (www.tedxiheparis.fr/book-your-tickets/)
  • I might have visits from home


  • I narrow down my work to just business related
  • I plan my travels for the summer
  • I visit/plan to visit family and friends home in Sweden

Overall, this is when Paris will bloom into spring for real. I think I will spend more and more time out on meeting and spontaneous meetups with friends. This blog will grow and develop so much. In conclusion: spring and beginning of summer will be a blessing.

Trees and flowers and blooming already. But the rain has been pouring since yesterday. I need that D vitamin..

How will the next quarter of the year look like for you?☀️


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