The 5 Love Languages

A few years ago, I learned about the five love languages. I did a test to find out what mine were, and it really felt true to me at the time. I took the test again today, a few years later, and it has just changed slightly. First, let’s explain what the love languages are;

gifts    Receiving gifts

This love language is the one where you enjoy receiving gifts and surprises from your partner, like surprise dinners and flowers. Gifts are a sign of love and caring to you.

Quality time                                                                                               qualitytime.jpg

This love language means that you enjoy to have your partner around, either doing casual things at home or going somewhere together. You’re happy with just having them around you and you are both present in the moment.

services    Acts of service

You appreciate when your partner does something for you or helps you out with something. It could be doing the dishes when you’re in a hurry, driving you somewhere or making you breakfast when you’re sick. Actions speak louder than words.

Physical touch                                                                                         touch.jpg

Touching, caressing, kissing and just being close to your partner is important in this love language. The touch can say a million words even if you both are quiet. You like to hug, sleep close and hold hands.

words.jpg     Words of affirmation

You love to hear your partner talking about their feelings for you, when they tell you they’re proud of you or just something they appreciate about you and your relationship.

There are many tests on the internet that will ask you questions in order to rank these five love languages for you, the love language with the highest score is your number one love language and the only with lowest score is not so important to you. Today I did the test at My results were;

  1. Quality time
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Physical touch
  4. Acts of service
  5. Receiving gifts

When I did this test a few years back, the only difference was that physical touch was two and words of affirmation number three. When I think about this, it is quite accurate. To me, all of these are important to me except for gifts as you can’t buy my love ( 😉 ).

A relationship requires quality time, fully dedicated quality time, in my opinion. As I tend to be a workaholic, it’s important for me to set aside time to fully focus on my relationship and 0% work.

Words of affirmation has become more important to me since I have realized how it fuels my feelings to know what I mean to my partner. It’s cheeky and cute to spontaneously say something I’m appreciated for. However, if I don’t fully trust the guy I’m with yet, actions are more important than words. True words of affirmation is all I care about.

Physical touch is still super important to me, as I think it’s like a spiritual way of showing love. A gentle touch can carry so much loving energy, and I do this all the time. I’m a super touchy person and I declare my love through touch and caresses more than actual words.

Acts of service is something that will be more and more important in a long term relationship I believe. Helping each other with everyday chores, helping with studies or any team work you do together can strengthen the bond between you on a deeper level.

Gifts are only important to me on birthdays, Christmas and maybe anniversaries. Of course I appreciate an unexpected gift like a flower or a surprise night out, but material things are less important than your quality time, touch and true feelings.

Do you want to know more about how you show and like to receive love? Do a test or two and let me know your results! ❤


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