Tight Schedule

Tuesday already and I haven’t had the chance to update you on last week, so here we go!

1. Name tag at the first TEDx event I attended 2. FOOD 3. I had one really not productive day but I made coffee and apple to get some energy! 4. TEDxArtsEtMetiersParis 5. Good breakfasts all week.

Last week was pretty much just food and work. Sunday was the only day with no work, but for this week I will make the whole weekend more free. And kill it the rest of the week!

Last week’s achievements;

Work in general:

Last week I feel like I got a lot done! My regular job went smoothly and easily.

Freelance business: 

It’s been a successful week for my business and it’s a powerful feeling to make an income to the business account. It’s definitely an achievement as a business owner. And another achievement is that my clients seem happy!

Happy Careerista:

I must confess that I’ve been bad at posting but I’m happy about the posts I did post!


I didn’t have much structure last week, but I feel like I did a whole lot! I managed to mix regular job, meetings about projects, work at home with attending my first TEDx event, seeing friends and important people, cleaning and some time for myself. Actually, last week was hectic with all the things I squeezed into my schedule. But I solved some challenges like finding a new apartment with a sick view over most of Paris sights!

This week I want to;


Have more structure in order to be more efficient and get more spare time for other activities, but still deliver great results in business, projects, regular job and for the blog. For the blog I would like to share more of the life as a careerista in Paris as I think many of you are interested in that 😉


This week I need to be more disciplined with routines and taking care of myself. Yesterday I felt completely exhausted and fell asleep around 10 PM which means I could have gotten up at 6 AM this morning to get lots done. But slept longer and didn’t start working until 12 PM. This week I want to wake up earlier and start working earlier so that I finish most of my work in the first half of the day. Good sleep, good food and more exercise.

This was a bit all over the place, but I promise I’ll try to post more frequently this week. Have a great week, fellow hard workers! x




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