Back Pain and Evening Sharings

Yesterday and today I’ve had a strange back pain and I’ve done yoga, hot showers and stretches, all to cure it. It’s slightly better after each attempt so hopefully it will be gone soon! I don’t like to feel like I’m 50 years older than I am and not flexible.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll try to post more about the careerista life and what it’s like as an expat in Paris the beautiful capital of France. That’s why I thought I’d share some things with you before I go to bed (I’ll soon be exhausted).

First I’d like to say that it worries me to see an increasing level of terror around the world. Not long ago it happened here, just a few kilometers away from me and the feeling was devastating and surreal. And now it has happened in my neighbor country, Belgium. And Turkey has been struck several times lately. And it happens all the time in Syria. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims and their families. Tomorrow I’ll mention something about a project I’m involved in which will include the question “is peace possible?”. Come back tomorrow to see what kind of fun and important I’m participating in!

Bonne nuit x



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