How to meet new Business Contacts

Lately, I’ve come in contact with new people for collaboration and knowledge exchange. But where did I find them? You can find them if you have an idea of what kind of people you want to meet, believe in that idea and do something to find them! Here are a few useful platforms;




LinkedIn is probably the most known social media platform for professionals and it can be really effective if you use it right. LinkedIn is basically the professional Facebook and you have a profile with a profile picture, a resumé of your work history etc. What’s important when you want to be a pro user is to;

  • Have a good and professional profile picture
  • Include the most important parts of your employment/projects history
  • Add as many skills as possible, the most important first
  • Make sure you have some kind of contact information on your profile in case of business inquiries
  • Become a member of group related to your profession or in sectors where you’d like to get in, and NETWORK reguarly!
  • Add your business contacts and friends
  • Et voilá you’ll have new business contacts that see everything you share and all your new projects



Facebook is not necessarily only for reading Buzzfeed articles and keeping up with all your friends and family, but can also be a place where you can network. There are tons of Facebook groups that are active every day with members from all over the world. If you are in the fashion industry, why not search for “Fashion Entrepreneurs” or “New Fashion Brands”. Play around with the words and once you’re in a good group, make sure you’re noticed by posting, liking and commenting! Another tip is to have your business/profession visible on your profile.



This is a Danish startup that I can across over a year ago. I honestly don’t know how active it is, but why not try it out! This site is for entrepreneurs and professionals who travel and would like to meet up with like-minded around the world. If you’re making a trip to Berlin, you can search for professionals in Berlin who you could schedule a coffee idea exchanging with. How awesome isn’t that?



I’ve met soo many of my professional friends through this platform, so I can say from my own experience that it’s good for networking! You simply find people by searching for keywords. If you work with retail, search for ‘retail’ in order to find more people like you! Try giving them a follow, bunch of likes, comments and a DM presenting yourself and you might be met by the same curiosity and interest.




This is the Tinder for professionals, partly based here in Paris! My friend showed it to me recently so I downloaded it yesterday to try it out. You fill in a bio presenting yourself and then you get a selection of people nearby who you can swipe right or left whether they seem interesting or not. It’s a quicker way to network daily or when you feel like it by simply look at a few profiles a day. Why not try it out and start swiping opportunities for you?

Almost all this platforms (soon Shapr as well, I’m sure!) have brought me friends, business contacts, business partners and clients. Use social media wisely and good luck with your networking.


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