Appreciate and Respect the Small Things


We often have high expectations on everything; ourselves, our job, our kids, our partners. Please, take a break and appreciate the small but meaningful things in your life. Let us take a look at two perspectives; love and work.


Appreciation, respect and display of affection are some of the key things in a relationship to me. Maybe I’m not the best at this myself, but I strive to always appreciate, respect and show affection to my partner. This also meaning, appreciating the small but meaningful things they do for me. Does your partner often cook you dinner? Does he or she make sure you never go hungry? Do they randomly caress you during the day? Do they drive a long way to see you for a couple hours? Do they offer you help with every day chores? Do they send you a message to remind you that you’re in their thoughts? Appreciate that! What keeps you together will in the end this, and not expensive gifts and dinners out.

small things


At work it’s more about respecting the small but meaningful things. I have myself taken these details for granted sometimes and that’s why I recommend you not to. An employer loves an employee who respects being on time, being prepared, looking proper, being polite, being willing to co-operate, double checking, giving constructive critique and simply  firing off a smile now and then. It doesn’t always help to be ultra talented but to always be late, coming to the office in your PJ’s and being rude.

Maybe you know this already, or maybe you needed this reminder. Why not tell someone today that you appreciate the small but meaningful things they do for you?




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