Become Whole, Woman!

Hey ladies! My Swedish ladies. This post is dedicated to you!

If you have read my blog before or my about page, you might know that there was once a book that opened the world of spirituality and personal development to me. If you don’t know, let me brief you; at the age of 16 I spontaneously grabbed this book at the library in the middle of my summer break before High School and I had no idea that it would change my life. I spent a few days reading it and every time I stopped, I longed to get back to reading. This book enchanted me with its magic. I believe that I am where I am now because of it. It’s in Swedish and I recommend it to you all. The title is ‘Drömliv’ and is written by Karin Nordlander and Kajsa Ingemarsson.

But the book can be read by anyone, man or woman. Why I dedicate this post to my fellow women is because Karin Nordlander has co-founded a site called It’s a subscription service that provides us women with tools to make us more whole both physically, mentally and spiritually. You get this little package of tools monthly to your email inbox and if you just want to try it out first you can get one month free. I just did, and I’m so excited to see what’s in this month’s edition. Try it out if you feel like you need some guidance.


Bra jobbat, Karin och Louise! Kramar, ljus och glädje till er! ❤


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