An Active Week

I think the sunny spring has finally reached Paris. And I’m so ready for it! This week has been so fully booked. I’ve worked every day of the week, including today. This week is worth it though 🙂


Heading to Montmartre today! I will start taking more pictures myself, promise.

This week’s achievements;

Work in general:

My regular job is going very well and I’m only developing in my role. I’m also involved in one big project and maybe soon another one, but I have to wait until I reveal them. I’m suddenly fully booked and I love it!

Freelance business:

For my freelancing, the week started pretty calm. Then it completely turned on Wednesday and with two new clients I have a lot to do! These clients allow me to work both with writing and social media which is fun. We’re moving forward!

Happy Careerista:

I’m getting more and more confident about my posts. I love the subjects I write about! On Thursday I re-launched Instagram and Twitter. Right now I’m posting pictures and tweets that are synced and in harmony with this blog and the whole Happy Careerista ‘concept’. I’m also getting closer to the next stage for the blog; a hosted blog with more details in the design and a newsletter. I’m so excited to turn this brand into what I envision!


I’m starting to feel more and more like the real Andrea, the woman I know I am deep inside. I’m slowly but steady removing any unnecessary habits, negative thoughts or bad traits that I for some reason have. I’m in a state where I feel like I’m getting more and more control over my life. I can see how my visions come true with faith and it’s amazing. I also have so many ideas and insights popping up all the time. I feel creative and active in my mind.

I’m planning a design-my-life-session where I will design my life in detail. Perhaps I won’t get everything I want, but as long as I’m on the right way I’m happy. I really believe that with vision and faith you can achieve.

Next week I want to;


Next week I want to deliver high quality work for my clients in order to keep up a good reputation of my services, deliver high quality posts and step up the blog engagement a notch.  I want to plan my work (now that I have quite much) so I’m efficient in every area.


I want to put my health and well-being in focus next week. I want to work out and meditate in the sun, spend a few minutes a day for research and education, eat energizing food, sleep well and have some fun. I want next week to be balanced between work, me-time and pleasure.

Hope your Sunday is as beautiful as mine. Love and light to you ❤



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