Track Your Efficiency

Today, I would like to share a little tip with you. I started doing this when I wanted to find out how much exactly I did during a work day in order to get an idea of my efficiency. So here are the simple steps;


Open a word document or take out your notebook to track your efficiency!

Have a word document  in the background or just a paper next to  you while you’re working. Note the time you start working, take pauses and stop working for the day. During the working hours, you also write down everything you do. For example, this is what it could look like;

10.00 Start working

  • New logo for designed
  • Two blog posts written and scheduled about efficiency

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 Start working

  • A power point presentation on efficiency prepared

14.00 Break to commute to a venue

14.30 Start working

  • Lecture about efficiency

16.30 Stop working

Total hours of work for this person were five hours. In five hours they designed a new logo, wrote two blog posts, created and finished a power point presentation and held a two hour long lecture. That is one efficient person!

Now try this yourself and see how much you actually get done during the day. Not much? Maybe you check your phone too much? Or do you get more than enough done and should take more breaks? Good luck and happy Saturday!




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