Everything Happens for a Reason

Yes this is my belief. Every little thing that happens, happens for a reason. And this thought might break your heart. So my mother died for a reason? My partner cheated on me for a reason? I was bullied for a reason? I know it seems extreme. But the universe, or God, has a plan for you. Every situation and person comes to your life for a reason. They teach and shape you. Maybe your partner cheated on you to make you stronger when you’re by yourself in order to meet your true partner.

If you take a look back at your life, can you see a link between situations and see why they happened? I can see many in mine.  Let me give you three examples;


1. My fathers absence

My biological father has barely been a part of my life. This has been tough sometimes, not gonna lie. I’ve felt different and sometimes longed for a complete family. But this fact has made me a stronger woman who would never let a man or anyone else make life decisions for me. I’ve also, from an early age, understood that the best choice is to make a career on my own and never be a house wife who could be left with nothing at any time.

2. My friends from the end of elementary school made me an outcast

The last half year of elementary school, my friends decided to make me an outcast. It happened so quick. First I was ignored even if I was standing right next to them. Then I overheard them trash talking me. Then they stopped talking to me, sent me a message saying they missed me, ignored me again. I only had a few months left before summer holiday followed by high school so I decided to ignore them and the fact that I didn’t have a close friend that didn’t live miles away. I studied hard, dreamed about the future and visualized attending my dream school. What I didn’t realize is that these lonely months strengthened me so much. I got more picky about who I gave my time to, I got more confident and loving towards myself and the best thing? I picked up the book that would introduce me to personal development and spirituality that summer after graduating elementary school. Because of all that hard studying and focus, I got into my dream school and made loads of new great friends.

3. The startup from last year gave me less hours

The most recent case is when my hours for a startup I worked for in the end of last year dropped drastically and I had to secure my income somehow. First, it sucked but they had their reasons. I quickly found a job where I didn’t have to be fluent in French but it gave me the opportunity to improve tremendously. It also allowed me to spend more time on my own projects and for the past two months, I’ve managed to get a giving employment to make an income, to get clients to my own business, improved this blog A LOT and I’ve had time to work on myself. There are more that I can’t reveal right now, but it’s so exiting!

Sure, all these situations were hard in the beginning, but with this mindset and the determination to not give up makes the pain go away quickly. When I look back at these cases, I see how much they taught and developed me. So, whenever someone breaks up with you, fires you or even the positive things like stops you in the middle of the street or choose to sit next to you on a course, there is always a meaning behind it. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller.

Have faith and enjoy the ride ❤


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