How I Found My Niche

Saturday story time. For many years I’ve known what I wanted to be when I grew up; an entrepreneur. But the job ‘entrepreneur’ can mean a million things. It gets even better – I’m also interested in a million fields and areas. Now a days, we’re also told that the more niched you are, the better. That it’s easier to succeed if you pick an area, become an expert in this area and build your business on this expertise. But how the heck does a person with so many business dreams, find their niche?

It has taken years for me. I started sharing my passion for business through Instagram at the age of 17 (three years ago!) while I was still in school. I didn’t have plans on starting anything at that point, but the older I got the more serious I got about my own ideas. I started something, shared it on social media and changed my mind. I got a lot of comments about being fake, having fake businesses and so on. I guess I made the mistake to share too much about working on something and not revealing it which got peoples’ expectations up. But it’s also important to know that before you judge someone, keep in mind that they probably don’t portray their whole life on social media, that it’s ok to change one’s mind and that the entrepreneurial journey is not straight.


It’s not until now that I’ve found my field to start my entrepreneurial career with. I used to have three to four projects that I wanted to work on besides my regular job. If you have ever started a business, I’m pretty sure that you agree that just ONE project requires a lot of your time. Finally I understand that I have to narrow down my projects to maximum two, to work persistently, consistently and to believe in my vision for them 100%. I have to really really love what I do and also adjust it to my current life situation. So I found out that I want to work with writing, something I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

How did I come to this conclusion? Funny thing is, I found my niche, my deep belief and consistent work flow during my social media break. For almost a month now, I have solely focused on writing this blog and working. No pressure to post good pictures on Instagram that receives a good amount of likes, no reading unnecessary articles on Facebook about three traits in your partner that will doom your relationship, no major distractions. During this period I’ve improved my content, gotten crazy opportunities through focusing on the right things, started getting clients to my freelance business, found a better connection to my own soul and found what I have to improve in my personality. It’s been a very healthy month and I recommend the person who doesn’t know where to start to;

  • Take a month break from things that distracts you, like social media
  • Spend time alone to hear your thoughts and intuition clearly
  • When you know there’s something you love doing, dedicate yourself to this thing only
  • Work a little every day and appreciate every little success
  • A clear vision, belief in yourself and your idea and persistent hard work will get you there
  • Feed your mind with healthy things like educational articles and videos
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Keep doing these things and it will compound!

I’m still interested in a million things, but starting with writing is a perfect start. When I’ve reached the success I want with this, I might start something in a completely different field. Richard Branson started with a record label. Now, look at all the areas he’s covering with Virgin!

Good luck wish finding your niche. If you already have, please share one of your secret in the comments below. It might help someone find theirs! 🙂


6 thoughts on “How I Found My Niche

  1. Andrea, I can so much understand you! I am much the same. So many interesting things in life! I found out some of the biggest internet gurus have their business blogs, and added will be an extra category like weight loss, or an interesting niche, something they have an interest in practising. So now I feel less guilty including an extra category ‘the joys in life’ in my business blog, we are all human after all.

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  2. Andrea, I also made the same mistake with running at least 3-4 entrepreneurial projects at once. I agree with you, it’s better to focus on one thing, do it properly and make a success of it!


  3. Good for you Andrea. I find it very inspiring how young you are to be going for your dreams! Yes you do have to focus on one thing. It has taken me along time to get really excited about what I am doing now. When you are truly passionate nobody can stop you going after what you want!


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