Embrace the Dark Side of You

I believe that we all have a dark side. Where we store our sadness, heartbreak, regret, guilt etc. No matter how happy a person seems, there is often something dark in there. And it’s ok. To many, I seem like a super positive person. And 90% of the time, I am. But now, more than ever, I’m discovering a lot about my own dark side. The things I’ve never properly reflected over, but pushed away. Things I realize with myself and that I have to examine, work through and recover.

I have some sadness in my heart. A piece missing because a person abandoned me, someone who promised me everything but then cut me out, people that took advantage of my kindness, my distrust in men, my sometimes hard childhood, my fear of not finding the love I’ve been missing all my life. There are many pieces to the puzzle that are broken and in need to be fixed. I have a foundation of happiness and a positive view on life but still, there are some bagage to take care of.

I choose to embrace them. These are a part of me. Just as your darkness is a part of you. “If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not in the light” – Lady Gaga. I choose to work through it all and replacing them with appreciation, gratitude and love for my life, myself and the people around me. Allow yourself to have this bagage. Know that we are many in this world that has something to be sad, guilty or angry about. Acknowledge your emotions, breathe, work them through and you’ll see how strong it will make you when you’re one with your light and your dark.




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