Types of Entrepreneurs I’ve Met (So Far)

There are many lists that tell you what an entrepreneur should be like. If you are not good at selling, you just CAN’T be an entrepreneur. For-get-it.

However, I like to believe that anyone who has the will, belief and the work ethic can get anywhere they want. And that everyone can work up their will, belief and work ethic. Am I being too optimistic? Perhaps. I’m not Oprah, Ivanka Trump or anyone famous and rich. I’m a simple dreamer. BUT, I’ve met many entrepreneurs in my almost 20 year long life. There are MANY different types, even though there are some common traits. Let me share some of the types I’ve met so far;

The Social Entrepreneur

I have been lucky to meet many social entrepreneurs. Passionate fiery souls that often don’t care much about money, but to make a change. These social entrepreneurs have started something that people didn’t believe in and then made huge success, touched and helped so many. The typical social entrepreneur is often open-minded and doesn’t judge you by the color of your skin, the clothes you wear or on your name. The social entrepreneur always wants to hear your personal story and share theirs. They believe that everyone is equal, that anyone can achieve their dreams and they are not afraid of taking risks.

Are you fired up by your cause but not about money? You can be an entrepreneur.

social entrepreneur.jpg

The Creative, Not-So-Structured Entrepreneur

Then we have the ultra creative people, who would rather focus on the “fun” stuff. Designing, brainstorming and socializing rather than budgets, analyzes and structure. These people always seem to have hundreds of ideas and thoughts in their heads, and to be completely honest, I’m very much this type of entrepreneur. I’d rather do the fun stuff, try to be structured while my head is not always and let someone else who is more analytic take care of the rest.

Do you want to skip the boring stuff and focus on your passion? You can be an entrepreneur.

The Network Marketing Entrepreneur

I’ve met many network marketing people and they are often H Y P E D. They go all in on this opportunity, make you network with their contacts, re-connects with you often to tell you about how E X C I T I N G everything is. They are all about the network, freedom and being part of the business of the 21st century. A super positive bunch of people.

Would you rather go all in on an already existing concept? You can be an entrepreneur.

The Experienced, Giving-Back Entrepreneur

There are some real veterans out there, with their feet on the ground who still remembers what it was like starting out. They have gained loads of experience, money and network and they feel so much gratitude to what they have achieved that they would love to give back. If they meet a young startup entrepreneur, they’ll be happy to share some advice or maybe even connect them with a contact. These are the winners that are happy to see others win.

Would you rather help others to win too, than having the cake all to yourself? You can be an entrepreneur.

The Money Making Machine Entrepreneur

Then we have the people who see ways to produce money everywhere. And with their charm, knowledge and sharp mind, they actually produce money everywhere. They are the people saying “while you where arguing about whether the glass is half full or half empty, I sold it”. These are the sales people I would recruit!

Would you just like to make money and live a good life? You can be an entrepreneur.


It really isn’t about where you’re from, whether you’re a man or a woman or how old you are. See your unique skills and turn it into entrepreneurship. Are you not a sales person? Then find someone to complement you! Anything can be entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship can be anything.

I believe in you.



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