I’m Going in the Right Direction

The weeks are running away! It’s already March on Tuesday and I have soon lived in Paris for five months. And it feels like it was yesterday that I wrote a Sunday update for you guys.
This week’s achievements;
Freelance business:

I actually just applied for two missions and got one! So this week I’ve done my first translation job. Very very happy about that!

Happy Careerista: 
I’m very very happy about this week’s posts too! Two weeks of posts in the direction I want to go, is a great sign that I’m starting to figure out my style. It has been a lot of posts about love and spirituality, but I will try to put in more business and success for next week. I’ve also thought about improvements for the design and started to plan a newsletter. The blog is really growing, slowly but steady, and it’s more and more fun to run it 🙂

This week I’ve been quite lonely. Maybe because I’ve chosen not see almost any friends at all but to fully focus on MYSELF. I’ve been able to identify what’s good and less good about me, and how to improve what’s less good. And it seems that I’ve improved according to the people close to me. I’ve also realized that I feel a huge need of a local mastermind group. This means a group of friends that live close to me and are into the same things as me; business, personal development, real happiness etc. I can only come up with one person like that, and it would be great with a few more. Because, you know what they say, you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.

Other than feeling “lonely” and improving myself as a person, I’ve had a GREAT work flow and a less good routine flow. I’ve been cheating too much on both morning and evening routines! I’ve also felt truly happy. I think writing about happiness has a very positive impact on me.
Next week I want to;
I want to keep the great work flow, to keep improving and be stricter with my routines. I can’t really wish for more. Everything is going in the right direction which I’m very happy about.

I will work from home all next week so I hope to be as productive as I can with a few breaks to see friends and loved ones. I want to plan the re-launch for Instagram, write perhaps two blog posts a day, plan the newsletter, do more freelance jobs…

I already feel that next week, and the beginning of March will be awesome for productivity and creativity. Surf the flow with me!
Bonne semaine!


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