Finding Happiness in Everyday Life

Happiness can be so simple. So simple. If you just lower your expectations on yourself and life! Would you say that you have a foundation of happiness in your soul? If not, let’s build that foundation today!

At the age of 16, I read a very special book about the soul and the intuition. In the first chapters, the authors wrote about having a foundation of happiness in you before anything else. Once you have it, you can go ahead and conquer the world. You can handle situations better, you can handle your emotions better and you attract even more positive things in life. When you have your foundation of happiness, you can build a good, happy life on it.

What is a foundation of happiness? It is a simple, peaceful but strong happiness. You feel it when you’re not doing anything special, when you’re alone, the minute you wake up and when you’re doing regular things. You feel happy even if you’re not having “fun”.

It’s appreciating the smallest things and being grateful for things we normally take for granted. Do you often feel unsatisfied with life? Then it’s time to stop and take a look around you. Appreciate the cool breeze on a hot day. Appreciate the random text your partner sends you. Be grateful for your family who has your back, that you are healthy, that you live in a peaceful country etc. If you feel the appreciation and gratitude from deep within, you’re on the right track.

When you appreciate the smallest things in life and see beauty in everything around you, you become a very positive and happy person. This effects your environment and people just can’t resist being around you. Suddenly, doors you never thought would open for YOU, will!

It doesn’t take much to be genuinely happy. Money, cars, jewelry will perhaps make your ego happy for a period of time, but when you love life for real, life will love you even more. With your foundation of happiness that you feel from the depth of your soul, you’ll be able to handle EVERY situation.

Because of this simple and genuine happiness, I was able to handle my teenage very well. I tackled breakups, failures, friend issues, money issues etc. very well to be so young. I saw everything, the good and the bad, as a lesson. I still do, and I still learn so much.

I have issues today, but I’m so happy to have come so far and I’m determined to overcome whatever obstacle that appears in my way. Build your foundation of happiness. Feel it, nourish it and believe in it. And you’ll be more than alright.




One thought on “Finding Happiness in Everyday Life

  1. I think happiness roots out of gratitude and thankfulness for everything in your life. When you are not unsatisfied with everything, you become happy. Praying every day also gives me a happiness inside!


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