Healthy Habits #3

I’ve already made two posts about healthy habits that I’m currently applying, healthy habit #1 and #2. First it was nutrition and then exercise, two subjects that always seem to go hand in hand.

So, have I made any progress? With the nutrition, I’ve been really good at eating everything except for sweets. I never have anything sweet at home except for some dark chocolate and a Nutella jar I barely touch. I’ve been good at trying to vary my food between fish, white meat, red meat and vegetarian, rice, pasta, potato etc. Something that I have done though, is to replace my meals with sandwiches and it has occurred many times. Even though a toast with butter and garlic is insanely good and simple to make, I have to keep that for breakfast or afternoon snack.

And with the exercise… Not as much running as I would have wanted. Should I blame it on the rainy Parisian winter? No, no excuses. BUT, I’ve been really consistent with my morning routine which includes circuit training and some cardio for warmup. Just how I like it! My legs have been so sore lately. That’s a lovely feeling to me!

The third healthy habit is not as much about the body as nutrition and exercise. It’s about the SPIRIT.

Current situation: I’ve already started to apply this. I have been a very spiritual person for many years, but lately I haven’t felt 100% connected to my soul and intuition and felt lack of inner peace. I had to get that back into my life and routines. So here is what I do and what to continue doing;


Healthy Habit #3:

  • Meditation should be a natural part of my morning- and evening routine
  • See spiritual books and videos just as important as books related to business and success
  • Include more me-time every day, even if it’s just a hot, calm shower before bed
  • Candles and incenses should be used more at home
  • Be more consistent with visualizing

Like I said, I’ve already applied this since a week now and it is working amazingly. As soon as you open up to connect with your soul, it will be there for you, eager to connect with you.

If you want to apply some of these as well, let me recommend you two Youtube channels for meditation;



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