Cloudy Paris



Sunday morning and a cloudy Paris. The week is over and it’s time to look back at it and see what I achieved and what I could have done better.

I still don’t have any wifi at home, so I’ve been ‘working’ on my phone, sometimes shared my 3G to the computer and one day I hit a co-working café. The focus has been on my routines, habits, my inner peace and reading actually. And it’s ok.

Achievements this week;

Freelancing business: I’ve done a very small amount of work here. I’ve designed a logo for the website which I’m pretty happy about. It’s simple and clean. Next step is to get started with a mission, probably translation.

Happy Careerista: This week I’m very satisfied with the content of this blog. I want to continue delivering posts of this quality. Agree or disagree? 🙂

Other than the posts, I’ve gotten ideas on how to develop the blog. Ideas I want to start working on now right away! Stay tuned.

Personal: The social media break is real. I’ve reduced my use so much and just this weekend I’ve avoided them completely. I’ve only opened Messenger to reply to a message. Right now my three most used apps on my phone is iBooks, Notes and WordPress. Yay!

I’ve found my reading flow and finally finished The Compound Effect and started Think and Grow Rich.

My French has developed a lot in the listening area. I’m able to understand a lot more now than just a month ago.

My discipline has been so good this week and I truly believe it’s because I’ve reduced ‘junk food’ for my mind. My morning and evening routines are crucial to me now, I make smarter and better choices all the time and I feel like I’m stable in and connected to my soul. Meditation, reading and reducing, folks.

I have put myself and my happiness first this week and I really needed it. I’ve cut contact with people who don’t give me anything valuable, I’ve eaten properly and healthy, I’ve cleaned and de-cluttered my home and room, put up notes with lyrics that I love and quotes that inspire me. I’m in a positive flow.

Next week I want to;

Personal: I want to continue feeling happy and confident, continue strengthen my habits and make my routines even more efficient.  I want to stay in this reading flow in order to finish my current book faster than previous one. Social media will still be reduced and this will create a habit for the future that makes my time minimum 90% real life and maximum 10% social media. And I want to spend more time with people who are like-minded and valuable to me.

Work: I want to be able to do my best and really contribute in my regular job. I want to start a mission as freelancer. I want to continue writing quality content for this blog and continue developing the ideas I had for Happy Careerista. I want to prioritize these two projects for now.

Happy Sunday!



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