Does Social Media Make Me Unhappy?

Yesterday I decided to take a break from social media. For a month. 

I won’t post anything on Instagram or Twitter. And I will reduce my use of Facebook and Snapchat as well. Both my professional and private accounts will rest for a while. Why did I suddenly take this decision?

I have recently felt so effected by what I read and see. I thought I had control over my thoughts but no. Those articles about why men cheat, what breaks a relationship and videos of ex lovers confronting each other made me think back to previous relationships that hurt me and even made me draw links to my current relationship. I felt less confident as a girlfriend. I usually am very confident in this role, but I obviously got effected. 

Instagram is filled with perfection. Something I’m not a fan of. At some point I started to be effected by all this perfection too. I became a victim too. I started to compare my body, my hair, my make up, my relationship, my life with these perfect pictures. Even though I know this is not reality! I would also constantly see half naked women on the discover page, which means the accounts I follow like these pictures and the majority of the accounts I follow are men. These “perfect” half naked women got to me too. Is this what men value in a woman? A perfect ass is one of the most important things? I thought these thoughts even though I know that’s not the case for all men. I really do know that. It’s just social media that got to me.

All of these things made me long for a deep, close connection to my soul. Once in my life, when I was 16, I was so close to my soul, that I was happy over the smallest things! The world was beautiful and I woke up every morning with a burning passion for life. I would remember my dreams every night and see signs that would lead me to the right decisions. It was truly wonderful. I felt peace and harmony within. I want to become that girl again, but trust me, it’s hard. It requires work. Because we are constantly fed with perfection, must-do’s, criticism and negativity. Sometimes we fail to the pressure. It takes time and effort to build a shield of positivity and confidence around you. But it’s so worth it!

That’s what I’m going to do until March 10th. I’m going to focus on rebuilding that shield and get back to the young confident and super happy woman I used to be. She’s still in here. I just need to bring her out again and make sure she stays. I will continue to blog regularly, so please feel free to come back. You can also reach me at Maybe you want to join me on this soul searching journey? I’d be happy to share my methods with you! And who knows, maybe you can help me? 

I wish you all a good midweek and that you feel that inner peace. Much love!


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