My Projects; Internships Abroad

Smart people, I need your opinions on this one;

When I planned to go to France, I was an 18-year-old girl with sooo many ambitions. The dream would be to do an internship at a company in Paris instead of having to work with something ‘simple’. Something that could really contribute to my career. But. Most companies want people with a higher education. To some extent, I understand that. But what about those young, hungry people who would almost kill to go to another country and do an internship at a company within an area they’re talented in? 

I believe that there are some areas where an intern could be accepted without a higher education. Let’s say that there’s a girl called Lisa. She’s 18. She just finished high school in the states and now she wants to combine travel with an exciting internship. She loves graphic design and have skills from Photoshop and InDesign and wants to learn more. Her dream destination is Rome. But when she contacts the companies she’s interested in, they don’t think she’s educated enough. Then, one tech startup asks her for a Skype interview and they can feel her ambition through the screen! They decide to give her an internship for six months as a graphic designer. During her six months, she learns even more within the area, gains work experience, new friends and contacts, the experience of living abroad and learns good Italian. It’s a memory for life and she gets even more work opportunities after her internship. Maybe she can even start her own business at the age of just 19! 

I want to find these young ambitious people, these open minded companies and match them together. I want to connect people from all over the world and give them an amazing experience. 

Now I need your feedback. Am I totally crazy? What should I change? Do you want to help? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “My Projects; Internships Abroad

  1. yeah I think is a great idea and there is a need for this, You could work as a recruiter getting them passionate candidates who are just as good as people with Degrees. I think we all deserve a chance and this would be a great project.


  2. Great concept! How are you going to make money? Charging the job seeker for matching them with a company? Maybe you could sell a package including an internship, a place to stay and a ticket there or something I don’t know 🙂


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