My Projects; Freelance

Even though I’d like to not focus on myself too much in this blog, I’m sure you want to know what I’m doing. This week I thought I’d share my upcoming businesses with you.

The first one is my freelance business. I want to freelance in writing, translation and social media marketing. Why? For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write! Sometimes I find it hard to phrase myself when speaking. When I’m writing I find it easier to transform thoughts and feelings into words. I’ve never freelanced in writing so I can’t say I’m skilled. But I believe in my passion for it so I’ll give it a try. Will I have a niche? I’m not sure yet. Here’s what I’ll focus on and try doing first;

  • Writing smaller pieces whether it’s a selling text, informational text or other
  • Translation English-Swedish and Swedish-English (I’d like to add German and French in the future!)

I’ll explore my writing by doing small missions for companies around the world before launching my own website etc. The company, is however already registered. 

Wait a minute! I said social media marketing too right? Yes, this is the other part of my freelancing. I’ve been on social media since 2009 and I’ve learned quite a lot. I still have to study it and learn even more secrets to be successful on social media as a business! And when I feel like I can offer something of value I’d like to focus on smaller businesses and startups. I want to help with all kinds of social medias, graphic design, logos, strategies etc. 

Now that you know some more about one of my projects, I would love some feedback. Should I use the same website for both my writing and social media marketing service? Or will that confuse potential clients? Do you have any freelance experience you’d like to share? Comment below! 

Bonne journée☀️


4 thoughts on “My Projects; Freelance

  1. Hi! I’ve commented on your posts a few times before. It’s lovely to hear about what you do, but to me it sounds like you just take missions for companies who have announced they need a translation? Like small jobs anyone can go online and do? I figure that even if you get paid for your work and your time, there’s no actual selling or marketing involved. I assume you’re just accepting missions for different companies, right? With that said, it would be excessive to do that through a registered company. Don’t make things complicated just to be able to call it a business, would be my recommendation. But then again, I don’t know if this is how you work. If not, enlighten me. 🙂

    As for the marketing business, it sounds like you have the ambition and will to do it, but I feel like you want to figure everything out before you start doing anything actually business related, which is in itself counter-intuitive and a waste of time. I don’t know you, but to me, this way of thinking and making excuses as to why you shouldn’t start “yet” only seems like a fear of failure. Like if you fail or not sell as much as you expected (or are expected to), will somehow break the image of the brilliant entrepreneur you want to be.

    The product development and the product launch aren’t two sequential events followed by the other. They are two simultaneous factors working in symbiosis with one another to eventually create a sustainable business. My recommendation is to just launch a minimally viable product or service and start tweaking your service and learning from there, or how to “add value” as you phrase it. 🙂

    Nobody will care if your company looks “crappy” in the beginning, because how you start doesn’t determine your success in the future. Hell, have you seen Apple’s first computer? It looks like a high school science project! But no one remembers that now, or even a few years after they initially released the product, because it’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what they have learned about how to add additional value from where they started.



    • Hello again ‘UK’. I don’t know if you read my responses but here goes; 1. I’m starting with missions but will sell and market my work eventually. 2. I don’t want to figure everything out before like I’m afraid of failure. I welcome failure, and failed many times before. I know that this is how one learn. However, I’d like to start with the writing first and not launch everything at the same time since I’m also working on the side. 3. Thirdly I appreciate that you’re not saying you’re right. Because I can tell that you only know me from what I post of social media. And maybe I’m wrong to share my thoughts and dreams without actually doing anything ‘entrepreneurial’. I’m happy with all that I’ve accomplished at my age and I’m not in a rush. But I guess that I’ve made people have high expectations on me.


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