Life is Goals

My life consists of goals. Yours too? To some of us, goals are the key thing in living. I have millions of goals. These goals can be divided into folders and in these folders they can be divided again and again. Here are some examples;

Ultimate life goals: The key things you want to achieve in life. They are not so detailed, more life strong, simple and deep goals. One of mine is to one day be a mother. I have to achieve this goal one day during my life.

Long term goals: These are goals you want to achieve within a few years. It’s not a hurry, you’re slowly but steady working yourself towards them. They might also change on your way there. One long term goal for me is to own a BMW. Preferably X4 or X6. In red, please.

Short term goals: They are in focus now! This can be this week, this month or within like three months. They are the stepping stones towards your long term goals. To get that BMW, one of my short time goals is to be able to have an income that allows me to save a certain percentage every month, and that as soon as possible.

This post might be all over the place, but this thought of life being all about goals does make my head spin a bit. Goals is like the fuel to life. Some people choose to take life as it comes and that’s fine! I do too, in a way. More about that in another blog post!

Tell me; do you like this design on Instagram? And do you have an ultimate life goal you’d like to share?

Keep blooming, baby! x


2 thoughts on “Life is Goals

  1. I don’t know if this has been asked before, but I was just wondering if we’re ever going to see anything “entrepreneurial” on your blog? I’ve been following your Instagram for a bit over a year mainly for your description as an “aspiring entrepreneur”, which I find very intriguing. But you’ve never really posted any entrepreneurial results since the day I started following you, just quotes and vague references to your P(x)’s (projects). I understand entrepreneurship is a long and consistent process, but you haven’t really showed any concrete progress which is sort of what you would expect from an entrepreneur blog 🙂 I hope you can take my point of view as such, and not just as “hate”. You can run your blog however you like, but I, as a follower, would like to request more concrete blogging about what you do. Maybe pictures of what you’re doing everyday in your projects, and maybe a little description to go along with it that explains what you did that day and why 🙂 maybe that could make you hold yourself accountable for consistently making progress too?

    To summarise: would like to see less quotes and motivational stuff (even if that is important too) because I can find that elsewhere. and more actual progress! As I said, do what you like with your blog and all but this is just my opinion 🙂



    • Hello again UK! I think I responded that it will come much more now that I’ve had more time to even brainstorm about my projects. This blog and my Instagram is also not just about my projects or me, just to clarify 🙂 I want to discuss life in different aspects but also business and success I’m going to reveal every single one of them next week, first on Monday. I would love to hear your opinion! Have a good day 🙂


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