Reach the Flow

Since Friday, I’ve been more and more productive for each day. I’ve been so focused. I’ve turned down chances to party, events I don’t really feel like going to and just been pushing myself to work hard. And wow! During the weekend I stepped into a flow of creative and productive energy, and I told myself not to let go. This is day 4 of the flow and I’m determined to stay throughout this week’s work days and make it a habit. Every work day should be like this!


How did I reach the flow? Here’s what I think: I believe that a positive mindset gives birth to positive things. I have forced myself to cut out any negative influences or thoughts. If I felt worried about something, I read something positive, watched a positive video or meditated. Anything to keep me in a high spirit. Instead of doing everything in one day, I have two types of days;

1st type – The blog + social medias, freelance business

2nd typ – Projects 1 and 2

So I focus on two areas each day.  Yesterday was type 1, today type 2 etc. This way I eventually get in a deep focus since I have few things to focus on. No distractions, a clutter free work surface, water, coffee, proper food and micro breaks now and then. And I work productively all day.

I have also exercised, meditated and had a good breakfast every day before I kick off with work. I believe that this puts me in a positive mood where I’ve already done good things, so why not keep doing good, necessary things?

Thirdly, I have fun. The things I’m working on are fun! Some bits are of course less fun, but when I remind me that this is part of the whole project that I love and can’t wait to show people, then I feel motivated to keep going.

So… a good, healthy start of the day + a positive and peaceful mind + clutter free work surface and focus on few projects at a time + enjoying what you do  = flow

And then repeat. Because if I already had two super productive days, I can’t let the third be unproductive. It’s a positive circle! This is just me though. Does it work for you? Or do you have another formula for reaching the state of flow?


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